Choosing Focus

It is as easy to create a castle as a button. It’s just a matter of whether you’re focused on a castle or a button.


 Excerpted from the workshop in Boca Raton, FL on January 12, 1997

More wisdom from Abraham-Hicks, and this time, he is as clear as a new piece of glass.  Clear words — no question in their meaning.  But how can he be serious?  A button or a castle?  Seems extreme.

Abraham is making clear to us that, no matter our desire, we may have it, accomplish it, whatever it is.  We need not formulate our desires to fit our situations; rather, our desires create our future through our focus on them.  That focus, that vibration of our spirits in the way of our desires aids us in making them real.  A castle or a button?  If I focused all of my vibration, all of my concentration on a button or a castle, I can bring either into my life.

However, in the same manner, I can take that focus and apply it to other emotions, and manifest the continuance and growth of those situations in my life.  If I decide that I can’t do some task, until I change that focus, that task is out of my reach.  Furthermore, the negative repercussions of that outcome serve only to bring about more of the same kind of feeling that made that activity or feeling unreachable in the first place.  In either of these scenarios, the most important step is the very first:  I must decide what I desire for myself and my life.  That choice is completely up to me.

In just this way, I approached my six-hour shift at work on Saturday.  I was convinced that I would not be able to complete the time, that I would tire after a couple of hours and have to quit.  After all, I had not worked more than two hours in a row in years.  The choice came from something Mom had said, and Sue had said, and Dad had said, and my friends had said, that if I concentrated on the positives of those hours and their timing, instead of the negatives, I could work the shift quite easily.  I may tire, but I will be proud and happy, and a little wealthier, (a very little wealthier,) at the end of the day.  Mom suggested that I take myself in hand and focus on the benefits of this circumstance.  I did, and she was right.  I finished the shift and felt triumphant, after a fashion.  With the help and encouragement of people who love me, I overcame my own feelings of unworthiness and pessimism .  And with that accomplished, I was able to then focus my energy, my vibration, on the next good thing to come along.

Had I not followed my mother’s advice, I would have gotten to work at 7:00, and I would have been ready to quit at 9:00.  In fact, I worked through an insulin reaction, which always leaves me somewhat drained.  But I stood right there and smiled and did my job, and eventually I felt much better.  I was tired when I was finished, but it felt like a very good kind of tired.

This is only one example — if one changes this to their story, and do the same, the outcome will be positive..  But we must surrender any thought of loss or failure, and believe that focusing our living vibrations will bring them to life.  All we have to do is accept that we attract that on which we focus.  Then all that’s left is, with mind and body and spirit, to BELIEVE.


6 responses to “Choosing Focus

  1. Oh yeah I love this post! I am marveling at all of us who are writing the same belief but in different words. We are adding to the energy of positive things and creating even more energy. Paving the way for someone who is unable to see the power behind.
    Great mom advice.

    Much love & hugs ~

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