Morgellans Syndrome Fibers Moving

For starters, my thanks and best wishes to the woman who uploaded this file.

This is not a pleasant video to watch, but it’s the best representation I can find for what I have on my skin — all over my skin.  This is a long video, and much of it is just watching, but for those who don’t watch the whole thing, be sure to go to the middle or near the end, to see the difference two months makes.  The video is divided into two parts, two months apart.

I thought the hair on my arms was changing, but as it turns out, 8 of 10 of the “hairs” are the thicker part of these fibers, attached to which is a pelt of the skinnier type of fiber.  Note the near-microscopic size of the smallest part of the fibers.  They are seen in this video emerging from the ends of the wiggly ones.  This explains why doctors say I am nuts — they won’t take pictures enlarged enough to see.

I don’t usually address Morgellans on my home page, but this is pretty interesting stuff, though unsettling at best.  I hope I haven’t caused any nightmares.  I am working on my own video — success soon, I hope.


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