Songs I’d Want on a Desert Island

(N.B. I have never had such trouble getting music into a post.  I think it’s the theme.  Sorry about the mixup.)

My friend, Jennifer, posted Retro Music Monday on her blog, Coffee and Camera in Hand.  (From this site, find Jen’s other blogs, as well.)  She wondered what her readers’ favorite 80s songs were.  I have posted those many times, so I decided to change it up a little.  These are the four songs I would want with me if I were a castaway on a desert island.  Yes, I know, how would I play them — no power, probably no equipment.  Please suspend your disbelief long enough to accept the conditions of the test.

I would want one pop song from the late sixties; I learned to love the music at preteen dances when we boogied to Love Child and the Archies.  But even then I listened for something different as well.  The guys in the band, at Ҫeşme Beach, in Turkey, used to play this song when all of us kids were resting in the fig tree.  Both The Sandpipers and Jose Feliciano sang versions ofithis song in the late 60s, but when I was looking online for the song I remember, I found Celia Cruz‘ recording of this folk song, Guantanmera:

*** would want a song that appealed to my brain, as well as my rhythm, and one more, there exists too many to count.  I am torn between The Who and Jethro Tull, and maybe The Moody Blues or Yes. Good intellectual bands, to one degree or another.  I choose the singer and poet Jackson Browne; from his 1986 album of the same name, here is Lives in the Balance:


Then one for fun.  From the time I was a child, my family listened to Tom Lehrer, and the album I knew beat was 1963’s That Was The Year That Was.  Each song on this album is funnier the one before, but my all-time favorite number of his is The Vatican Rag:


Rock is my primary favorite genre, but only good rock.  None of what anyone calls rock in todays music.  The lists of artists is longer than my arm, but  I have one particular song in mind.  From the 1980 album Back in Black, I give you AC/DC with You Shook Me All Night Long:


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