Let Happiness be the Focus

From Abraham-Hicks, July 3, 2013:

You cannot have a happy ending to an unhappy journey.


 Excerpted from the workshop in Atlanta, GA on September 13, 1997

Such a simple statement, and yet the whole happy journey/happy ending dynamic seems often to be far beyond our reach.  We are taught from the time we are young that to suffer is a good thing; that it builds character, shows strength, proves selflessness.  We may receive this training from our parents, who likely learned those lessons from their parents.  We may be taught to suffer in the context of our faith — the Christian gospel outlines this in the final Beatitude, from the Sermon on the Mount:

Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness,
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Some of us learn this tendency to think of suffering as positive as a result of guilt arising from being more fortunate than our fellow humans.  And some may feel that suffering is the best way to live because they themselves are suffering, and to think any other way is to admit that they are not “the blessed.”  The American Puritan Ethic (APE) has been the subject of many different literary works, some of which are supported by one or another of the schools of thought mentioned above, and others of which are critical of the same.  But one feature of the American Puritan Ethic is the idea that a life of joy and revelry is inherently sinful.

To me, that seems a unhappy way to live, and Abraham insists that no one who lives unhappily will find that happy ending.  But that statement is not one of hopelessness for people who are unhappy — it is an invitation to each of us to choose to live happily now, and to believe that a happy life is within our reach, no matter where we find ourselves.  The “trick” to living this kind of happy life is to be happy — as simple as that.  Choose to focus on the parts of our lives or our environments which bring joy, and before long, we are able to eliminate the suffering in our existence, and replace it with a joyful attitude toward everything.

Choose Happiness

Choose Happiness –Image Courtesy: en.paperblog.com and Google Images

How do we accomplish this?  We need only decide, and believe, that the unhappy circumstances of our lives will no longer be the focus of our daily existence; that we choose to focus our thoughts and feelings on those circumstances which bring us joy.  Once we begin, the presence of contentment, of joy in our lives, leads to more happiness, and this process continues to build the nature of our days.

If I feel unhappy about something that happened in the past — and I have, quite recently — my answer is to forgive myself for that event or circumstance, and choose once again to focus on the happy, the positive, and the joyful elements of life that surround me — I pick from all of the possible feelings the ones which lift me up, and let go of those which make me sad.  I make this choice every minute of every day, and if I forget to do so, those happy choices with which I can begin again are always around me, available for me to incorporate into daily life.

They are always there — it’s never to late to live a happy life.

If a happy life seems unreachable, try looking at a smaller piece of the process. Focus on one thing in your life that brings you joy, and if you feel sad, refocus — always refocus on that happy circumstance.  Before long, the joyful focus becomes a regular function of life, and from there, the sky is not even a limit.


2 responses to “Let Happiness be the Focus

  1. You’ve hit something interesting here. I enjoy listening to the Dennis Prager radio show (http://www.dennisprager.com/) in which he devotes an hour each week to Happiness. He insists that happiness is a choice for all and may even be called a duty. Those who are unhappy, he says, are damaging themselves and those who love them because they are choosing to live unhappy lives. It’s an interesting philosophy that essentially requires a daily requirement to seek and live happy lives.

    • Thank you for the link — I will listen in. And thanks for your kind comment. I do believe we make that choice all the time. I chose a miserable, sad life for years, until I learned this lesson. Come back anytime! 😎

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