Gratitude Saturday 06/06/2013

What a lovely day to be grateful!  The sun is out, and a light southern breeze is ruffling the flag on the pole on the front lawn.  Our weather is very hot and very humid, but thank goodness our weeks of rain seem to be over.  June in Maine is always wet and gray and cool — we could set our clocks by the change in the weather on July 3.  Cool and wet becomes hot and humid — and I love it.  I don’t so much love the sunshine on a day like this, but sitting in the shade on a hot afternoon, after the breeze comes up, is a little chunk of heaven.

With many thanks to Eldy

With many thanks to Eldy

I have finally gotten past the cold I had for a couple of weeks, but I’m still sniffly all the time from allergies.  I choose not to add another medicine to my great long list, and the other option is snort, sniffle, snort, runny nose, sniffle — most of the day.  But as that is the worst condition I have to cope with right now, I am quite happy and grateful.

I am grateful, as well, for my family.  I know this hot, hot weather is hard for Mom, but she has thus far found solace in movie theaters and other cool spots.  We went to the movies today — saw White House Down, which is a fast-paced, often funny political action film.  My kudos especially to Jamie Foxx for this one.

I am thankful, as always, for my online friends and family, and especially today for the new readers who have recently joined us.  Most of them have written entries on my Friends page, and you may read about them there.  As has been true from the start, my new readers come from a wide background of disciplines and from all over the world.  Welcome to all of you.  I am blessed with a wonderful group of readers, and I am grateful for each of you.

I am grateful for a recent blood test, which indicated that my kidneys have gone way down the road toward total failure.  I can take steps, and I have begun to do so.  Better blood sugar control is the first step, and getting a close watch on my potassium intake is another requirement.  As has happened so many times in my life, I received this warning soon enough to implement these changes.  Now it’s up to me, as it always was anyway.  A challenge to meet is a good thing — I need this to stay on my toes, so I am very grateful.

I am a lucky woman.  Even when I see worms crawling out of my skin, none of my physicians has yet written me off.  That’s certainly a reason to give thanks.

Finally, I am and will always be grateful to be alive now, in this age of changing medical technologies.  Nearly every day, some researcher somewhere makes a breakthrough in cell studies that will one day lead to people like me growing a new pancreas.  And even though I have no idea if this will come in my lifetime, I am thrilled and thankful to be here on the ground floor.

My blessings number far too many to list, but I am grateful for every one of them.


3 responses to “Gratitude Saturday 06/06/2013

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  2. I look forward Judith to your gratitude lists every week – they remind me to be grateful too – particularly on days when I don’t want to be!!!


    • They are the one type of post that keeps me centered. I am so glad they offer you something as well. And thanks for letting me know, each week — lifts my heart to get your comment each week.

      Love right back,


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