Awards and Thanks

 I am particularly pleased to receive this award from JT — his blog contains, among other works, the story of his life written as a gift to his children.  JT knows the importance of family.

My readers here on WP and all of the bloggers whose work I read, you are truly like a second family to me, and I can’t imagine how I could make this work so well without you.  I’m not some kind of verbal exhibitionist; but your unflagging support of me and my writing is a gift I never expected to get.  You are my blisses (bloggy sistersand blothers (bloggy brothers,) and I love you all.

I will list my choice of recipients below, along with those for the other awards.

The other two awards come from one of my dearest blisses, a lovely blogger named Lady Barefoot Baroness.  She is, in fact, a Baroness for real, and she is the one person to whom I would give these awards, had they not come to me from her.  Milady BB is one of my first readers, way back before I really found my voice.  She has stuck by me through everything — illness, anger, happiness, depression, joy, epiphany.  She is my best bliss, and we think so much alike we can usually finish each other’s thoughts. I owe her an enormous debt of gratitude for all she does for me, including these awards.  They are The Wonderful Team Member Awardawardc-wonderful-team-member-readership (TWTMA)  and The Loyal Reader Award (TLRA) image_loyal-reader-award.  Thank you, BB.

Both awards include requirements to thank the giver, and to post the award badge on my blog.  And then comes the interesting part — I must answer a question for each award.  For TWTMA, the question is A great reader is….

A great reader is one who is willing to engage with the writer in a conversation about the subject.  An exchange of comments and replies is usually a part of the conversation, but that is only one very small step in this dialogue.  The writer begins the exchange with publication of the post, or the novel, or the essay, or the poem, or whatever other form the writer chooses.  When the reader reads the writer’s work, he/she accepts a part in the conversation, albeit unspoken.  Even if the reader and the author never speak, the passing of information is there, and the reader voluntarily changes.  That makes a good reader — one who is willing to be engaged by the writer, and to accept the change, whatever it may be, that comes along.

The question for TLRA is:  If you were on a deserted island, how would you survive?  I would survive by the means I’ve learned from the TV show Survivor Man: from Les Stroud’s show I have learned how to get fresh water when none is available, tricks for catching reef fish, how to build a shelter that will hold up in a storm, and how to start a fire, among other skills.  I would have plenty of time to write my novel, even if only in my head, and that would be on my daily schedule.  And I would spend an hour every day thinking of all the blessings in my life for which I felt gratitude.

And finally, I am to list bloggers to whom I wish to pass these awards.  I could make a list of all of my readers — you are all wonderful team members, loyal readers, and my WP family.  Or I could list a very select few, those readers who have been with me from the start.  Instead, I am taking a page from Lady Barefoot Baroness, and leaving this award open for all of my readers — any of you who feel like adding this award to your blog, you have my blessing.  Here is a list of a few of the bloggers who have inspired me in the last few weeks.  If I don’t include you, please don’t think I don’t appreciate you — I simply must draw a line somewhere:


17 responses to “Awards and Thanks

  1. What a joyful post. I am so glad that you got the awards and I really think you deserve them! Also really generous of you to pass awards along. You are a great role model for us newbie bloggers. 🙂

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