Be Involved in Our Own Lives

The Daily Affirmation for July 8, 2013, from Abraham-Hicks:

You, on the leading edge of thought, are here enormously, creatively involved. There’s something so satisfying about asking and deliberately aligning your Energy and deliberately finding the familiar feeling of that, and then seeing it manifest.

 — Abraham

 Excerpted from the workshop in Syracuse, NY on October 13, 1998

This affirmation is primarily a restatement of Abraham’s Law of Attraction.  Abraham is reminding us:  that on which we concentrate is what is drawn to us.  Concentrate on happiness, and happiness will come; concentrate on sadness, and sadness will come.  The same is true of excitement, frustration, aggression, or depression — we can call any of these emotions to be more present in our lives by concentrating on finding those first small events or circumstances of the feeling we want, and then concentrating on that feeling.

Why, you may ask, would I want to concentrate on sadness, or depression, or frustration.  Often, and this is the case in my history, we are unaware that we are inviting more of those emotions in.  My medical difficulties helped me to feel put upon, and sad.  As a result, the Universe brought more of those feelings into my sphere.  Not until I chose to change my concentration, decided that I would be happy, did I see joy and content become the Universe’s gift to me.  And that leads me to the reason I chose this affirmation.

One word:  involved.

To make the Law of Attraction work in our lives, we must be involved.  We are the determiners of our own futures.  We choose that on which we will concentrate.  No one can choose for us.  No other person can change our emotions, unless we first allow them to.  If we choose to be happy, we will be happy.

Our emotions often seem to overwhelm us — we feel powerless against the sadness of our lives, or a particular hurt or frustration.  When we feel powerless, we must find someone to blame — we can’t possibly bring this upon ourselves.  Can we?  The answer is yes — and the first step in changing our lives is the understanding that we are in control.  No one can hurt us unless we let them.  And its corollary:  No one can love us unless we let them.   And finally, We can’t love ourselves unless we allow the process of self-forgiveness and self-love to take root in our lives.  For that is the final answer.  We must be involved.

Choosing to be happy can be an unsettling decision.  I approached that choice very slowly and cautiously, but when the time came, when I finally understood, the change was virtually instantaneous.  If we forgive ourselves for acting against our own interests, and love ourselves, despite the long process of understanding, then choosing to live a life of content, or happiness, or joy, is our one duty to ourselves, and the one answer to all our confusion and pain.


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