At Last

I started this blog journey almost two years ago, and for most of those two years, one of my most returned-to topics was another two years of my life — the time my family spent on the shores of the Aegean Sea in western Turkey.  I have done my best to describe those places to you, though no words yet have matched the fullness of my heart when I write of then and there.  I wrote a lot about my sisters and brother, Mom and Dad, and some of our friends there on Ҫiğli Air Base.

I described some of my favorite adventures and places there:  EphesusҪeşme Beach,

Ҫeşme Beach, Turkey Image courtesy: and Google Images

Ҫeşme Beach, Turkey
Image courtesy:
and Google Images

Hadrian's Temple

Hadrian’s Temple

snorkeling in the beautiful Aegean, wandering in the plethora of archeological wonders, so easy to get to then, (though I know most of them are now behind fences or polite ribbons that say, “Do not cross.”)  I told of some of my memories of those places, too:  twirling baton in a parade, my big white rabbit Bun-Bun, (I was only eight,) of camping at Ҫeşme, including our lovely fig tree naps.

Fig-Tree Naps

Fig-Tree Naps

(I wrote this story and two others about my mom in 1989, while I was at seminary.  It is a blend of fact and fiction, with the dreamy parts mine.)

I also wrote a lot about how unhappy I was — well I wasn’t.  (Sorry I doubted you, Dad.)  But that is my next post.

In 1993, my then-husband J. and I took the 1000+ slides from our time there, and from the two years each before and after, and transferred them all to videotape.  Just recently, my sister DB got the tape converted to digital medium, and sent us all a link.  At last, I can show you photos of all of the above and more.  The photos are fuzzy and some are dark; they were taken originally in 1966-1972 on a Kodak Instamatic camera, before we, civilization, became sensitive to focus and SLR cameras.  I know a couple of my sisters are computer whizzes, so I’m hoping they can clean the photos up a little, but I can’t wait that long to post some of them.  Not many — a few here, and a few at a time in posts to come.  Here we are at Christmas:

Christmas at the Atwoods (I am on the left.)

Christmas at the Atwoods
(I am on the left.)


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