Come and Visit My Friends Page

In the last couple of months, I have gained a large number of new readers, and welcome to all of you.  Most new members of our reader family have taken advantage of  my Friends Page, to leave information about themselves and their blogs.  By so doing, they make themselves and their blogs available for all of us to check out.  This is simply a reminder to everyone of that opportunity.

I have arranged the page so that each new comment shows up in the top position.  Please take a moment and meet some new people, read some new ideas and topics, and stretch your web presence at the same time.  Or, if you’d like, take that same moment, and review information on more long-lived Friends of this blog.  Either way. please enjoy!


6 responses to “Come and Visit My Friends Page

    • Go to the Pages icon on the dashboard and click. You will see a list of your pages — choose the one you want to change by hovering, and you’ll get an edit option. Let me know if this works. 😎

      • Ok, sorry. I think I wrote it wrong coz your answer is not quite what I was thinking. I meant, adding my new blogs to the list I originally gave you. I’ll just poop over to the Friends page and start from scratch.

      • Oh — sorry. Just comment again. Don’t attach it to your old comment, or it won’t come up at the top. Sorry for the confusion. I wondered, given your many blogs, if that was what you meant. 😎

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