Gratitude Saturday 07/20/2013

I’m starting this on Friday night, but it will be my Saturday’s post.  Mom and I will be busy tomorrow, and I’d rather get this done early.

I am feeling thankful tonight, and I know I am one of the luckiest people around. A friend and I drove down to the ocean today, and we took a route that I always drove to get to our summer cottage on the New Meadows river.  I hadn’t been down that road in many, many years, and I was transported immediately to the summer of 1977.  The music played in my head, and I had a sudden, sharp feeling of time gone by.  But mostly I was happy to see the old route again, and I only cried a little — laughed a  lot more.

At one point, I said to my friend, “I always thought my life would be happier.”  He asked if I was feeling unhappy, and I said, “No.  I don’t know quite what I meant by that.  I didn’t have a whole lot of reason to feel that life would be happier than it was in the years when I spent significant time at the cottage.  I tried to figure out where the words came from — my friend asked me to explain, but I really couldn’t do so.  That idea had sprung into my head, and connected to my vocal cords, and popped out of my mouth.

This led us to a conversation about the value of thinking about the past.  He seemed convinced that memories of unhappy times are important, because they help identify us.  I answered that thinking about past hurts was one way I was anchored in my depression; that letting go of those memories was more important to me, even supposedly innocuous memories like the one I had just stated.  We disagreed, but then we often do.  Nevertheless, we enjoyed the beautiful summer day, and drove all the way to Fort Popham before heading home.  On the way home, we stopped a couple of times so I could pick some Queen Anne’s Lace for Mom.  Then my friend dropped me off, and I came upstairs and had a lovely nap.  A day for which to be very grateful.

When I combine a nice ride like that with all the other reasons I have to be grateful: my family and friends, my continued reasonable health, living in this great apartment in a beautiful Maine city, I can see I am the luckiest woman in the world.


10 responses to “Gratitude Saturday 07/20/2013

  1. Hello Luckiest Woman in the World! Great share Jude. I was there on a country road on the way to my Oregon coast in memory with you.
    You reminded of a time as a youth that I was unhappy and I convinced myself if I woke up I would be happy again, that i was really just dreaming.
    I am so glad I woke up again.

    I wanted to share here with you about the puzzle on my blog. You are absolutely spot on with the 2nd Tuesday, I apologize if you had mentioned it to me too and I let that slip my memory banks. There are spaces in time2where things don’t stck in my memeory banks like hey should. Just so you know. ~

    Hugs to you my beautiful Bliss Sis ~

    • I never said anything to you, but I get a chuckle most every time I comment. That one reminds me of my older sis, S. Thanks for keeping me smilingQ

      Love you, Bliss BB.

      • I love that it gives that chuckle, nothing delights me as much lately as making someone smile and laugh.
        You and your sis S know this certainly is not my original statement, and I don’t like “wimpy” hamburgers either. lol… (It is too early in my morning to be anything but silly.)

        Hugs and much love my Bliss Sis

      • Not to worry Bliss Sis. The more we chat the likelihood we will miss a comment or two when the threads carry on.
        We can trust one another knowing a missed comment or two will not affect our friendship ever. We seemed to have gone for awhile without much contact, yet it feels like we never missed a single beat.~

      • That is one of the best things about any friendship — days, months, even years could go by, and when friends get together again, it’s like no time had passed. This happened to Sister S. just last year — after 30 years.

      • Wow 30 yrs? That’s incredible. I have a friend who has an old beau from high school hear that she is now a widow and 60 yrs later looked her up. They are getting married in November.

        I love being able to be sure of some things in life, knowing you can count on them staying the same because life is so much about constant change. Having friends who are significant is at the top of that list

      • I agree completely — so much of life is tenuous, and solid friendship is a treasure.

        Congratulations to your friend and her fiance!


  2. That sounds like a lovely way to spend a day. I remember, in way back time when I was urged to “make a wish” just before blowing out the birthday candles, my wish was the same every time for seemingly endless years. It was the only safe wish I could think of…”I wish to be happy”. It covered a lot of territory that one little wish and to be honest I was at least guaranteed to get bits and pieces of my wish from time to time.

    • My feeling is that I was melancholy anyway, because of my skin, (which is once again a mess,) and that rose up to the surface with it. I have been lucky enough to have some very happy times in my life, and a split second of thought brings those to the top. 😎

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