Facing Reality

Here is a succinct and straightforward affirmation from Abraham-Hicks:

Never face reality unless your reality is just the way you want it to be.


 Excerpted from the workshop in San Antonio, TX on May 17, 1997

I just love Abraham’s one-sentence gold nuggets, and this certainly qualifies.  While this idea is presented in the negative — Never…unless, it is easily shifted to the positive  voice:  Create your own reality, and then live in it.  I know, when I first began reading Abraham’s daily affirmations, I felt the bar was set pretty high; how am I supposed to make my own reality?  Now, after a couple of years of doing my best to live this way, I find it positively simple to understand, if still somewhat arduous.

Now, lately, I have not been creating my own reality — I have been letting my medical condition and the inherent frustration therefrom lock me into a very sad and discouraged reality.  I found this terribly unsettling, because it was my first stretch of several days of depression in almost two years.  I allowed myself to drag me down into my old habits — sleeping during the day, up all night, eating unhealthily, not exercising, sitting around and playing Computer Solitaire for days at a time.  I knew I was doing it, too, but I just couldn’t muster the will to change my reactions to my situation.  Until Thursday.

I spent Thursday in the company of my writers’ group, sitting by a lake and appreciating the beautiful surroundings.  Darreby and I rode up together, and the hour up and the hour home gave us ample time to kick around vacation ideas, talk about setting physical goals, and for me, learning Darreby’s way of rewarding herself for changing old habits.  I will set myself up, and then take a photo and write a post about it.  Along with Mom’s and my trip to the Botanical Gardens a couple of weeks earlier, and going through all the photos from there today, I felt uplifted and encouraged.  I believe I am ready to start making my own reality again.

Sounds easy, but it isn’t until I have gone through the whole process.  This includes getting happy again, which I wrote about here; building on that happiness to open my heart and forgive myself for not being there right along; and deciding what reality I choose to create for myself.  Here is where I meet myself, way down in the nitty-gritty of my mind and heart, and figure out the world I want to create.  This is practicing the Law of Attraction.  I make my choices, and then devote my entire vibration to making that reality happen in my life.  I have no room for thoughts of past difficulties, or future possibilities.  And when I fill up my mind and heart with vibrations of that beneficial reality, I create that world around me.  That is how simple the idea is.

As you’ve read here in my blog, living in that world is wondrous, except when I forget to concentrate. But that will be another post.  Today, once again, I am content.


4 responses to “Facing Reality

  1. It’s hard to drag yourself back up again, but like any habit, it becomes easier with practice. Judging from what you’ve shared here, you’re doing much better with managing it than you did several years ago. Yes, it was a setback, but it could have been much worse. Thursday got you out of the house and out of your head so you could reset. It’s one of many things you’ve been doing to help yourself.

    It’s easy to backslide, but practice helps in overcoming it. You’re doing good. Keep it up.


    P.S. Yes, I’m speaking from experience. Remember that my Mom reads my blog and I do not want her micro analyzing everything I put in there, so you won’t often hear when I’ve done the same thing.

    • I really value your experiences, and I am so glad you are sharing them with me and with all of us. I certainly understand about your Mom — my situation is the opposite. Mom reads most of posts eventually, but when I really want her to see something, I have to touch base. Thanks so much!

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