Saturday Gratitude List (on Sunday, 7/28/2013)

Eeeeeeeek!  I let another Saturday get by me without doing my Gratitude post.  For a good reason, though — I had a flash of inspiration for the novel, and I wrote like a fiend.  I got a few thousand words down, and more importantly, I lightened the mood.  It was sounding somber.   So I am very thankful for that change.

Mom and I had a yummy breakfast at the Boot and Buckle restaurant yesterday, and then we stopped in Target for a few things.  As we do, now, we laughed, talked about the lunacy of the world, and checked in with each other on family news.  My sister S.’s daughter is less than two weeks from her scheduled caesarian, and soon little S. will come into the world.  I can’t wait to meet her, and I am thankful that my niece is healthy and that the whole family is looking forward to the baby’s arrival.

I find it so easy to walk into Target and start putting things in my basket — but I am on my end-of-the-month tight budget, so I limited my purchases to the most necessary.  I figured out what I need to change, to alleviate the paucity of funds at the end of the month.  When I get my check, I am not frugal — I’m not eating caviar or truffles, but I buy what I want.  I have started a grocery list that feels realistic — if I shop at the beginning of the month the way I shop at the end, I should be in less dire straits.  Now I just have to do it.  So I am grateful that a friend will be shopping with me when my August check comes in.  She understands my problem, and she developed some strategies to avoid impulse buying.  I’ll be paying strict attention.

I tried a few minutes of just breathing this morning, and I feel better — more centered.  I also walked with less pain today — saturating my body with oxygen is what helps, I believe, and I am enormously grateful for that.

I am a part of a supportive family, whom I love very much; as Dr. Seuss would say, “[I’m] in pretty good shape for the shape [I’m] in.”  What more could I want?  I am a very lucky woman indeed.


8 responses to “Saturday Gratitude List (on Sunday, 7/28/2013)

  1. I’m with you on the shopping list. We have a tight food budget and for 5 plus the dog it can get a bit hairy. I’m very good when it comes to impulse buys, I just don’t do it. I have worked out that you always seem to need the cleaning things – always expensive – at once. So I’m now buying one or two with each shop and spreading it out.
    I’ve got a master list of everything in the pantry so I can see easily what I might need.

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