Positive Vibes

This is another jewel from Abraham-Hicks:

No one can deny you anything. Only you deny it through your vibrational contradiction.


 Excerpted from the workshop in Boca Raton, FL on January 12, 1997

For years, I blamed anyone and anything for the problems and the lack of happiness I faced in my life.  Whether I blamed parents, or a boss, or a boyfriend, or a husband, or even God, I always found an outside entity to blame for difficult occurrences and the lack of desirable stuff in my life.  I didn’t just deny my responsibility for my troubles — I refused to admit to myself that I played any part at all.  I was a victim.

Then I read and began to understand The Law of Attraction from Abraham-Hicks, and I could no longer hide from my own responsibility.  The law says that like attracts like.  If I am thinking that my world is miserable, and that I will never succeed, or even that I might die soon, I am drawing those very circumstances to my life.  If I feel like I am always sick, I will always be sick.  If I feel lonely, and I vibrate to that frequency of loneliness, I will put out the message that I want to be alone.  I use these examples because they are ones I lived.

The other side of the law is that if I feel happy, I will draw happiness to my life.  If I feel content, contentment will be my future state of mind, as well.  And if I picture my life moving along in a satisfactory manner, I will continue to be satisfied, and I will take more and more satisfaction from the events of my life.  It sounds way too good to be true, but thousands, maybe millions of people live by this understanding, and they control what events and feelings come into their lives.

How?  This may be tough, but it is doable.  I started by finding one thing about myself that made me happy.  Something very easy will do:  I remembered to wash my hair today. Or  I remembered to brush my teeth.  Or perhaps I chose a shirt to wear that flatters my eye color or my skin tone.  Even this:  I am spending today learning from unfortunate occurrences, instead of resenting them.  All it took is one little change like these in the vibration of my life.  That happy thought, that contented smile, that lovely color makes me feel good, and that puts me in the path of more joy, more satisfaction, more happiness.

Once people see how the Law of Attraction works, they can put it to work throughout the circumstances of their lives.  But I remember days when I could stand in front of the mirror for hours and not think of one reason to love myself.  When I found myself in this condition, I treated it like I treat writers’ block.  If I can’t think of anything to write, I write about writers’ block.  And if I can’t see anything about myself that makes me happy, I think about my process — that I am working on getting happier, vibrating as best I can in a more positive fashion.  This works.  One thing anyone can be proud of is deciding to make the Law of Attraction work in his or her life.  That is enough to build a new, more positive vibration from which to work.

This is not a one shot deal, though.  The times I get in trouble are the times I forget to look for anything about which I can be happy.  That creates a setback; the only way out is to start over, choosing that one happy thought, and allowing it to draw more contentment into my life.  If every individual can find that first good vibration, the rest will follow, but we must dedicate ourselves to the task and the lifestyle that can  make it work.


2 responses to “Positive Vibes

  1. One small step at a time is all it takes sometimes. When I catch myself heading on a downward swing, my one small step is to just crack a little Mona Lisa smile and it gets me on the upswing again. I can’t seem to feel down and grin at the same time.

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