Putting up pillows

Today’s Affirmation from Abraham-Hicks:

How do you feel about those things that you are giving most of your attention to? If there is something in your life that gives you negative emotion almost every time you think about it, we would do anything that we could do to get that negative thing out of our awareness.

— Abraham
Excerpted from the workshop in Phoenix, AZ on Sunday, April 5th, 1998

Does anyone remember that old, old joke?  A man walks into his doctor’s examining room.  When the doctor follows him in, the man jumps up and starts banging his head against the wall, all the while saying, “Doctor, it only hurts when I do this.”  The moral of this story, that if we do things that hurt us we should stop doing them, is Abraham’s (much more polite) affirmation today.  I would think that Abraham, if they were physical beings, might sometimes want to grab us by the scruff of the neck and say, “Pay attention!”  But instead, they makes this point gently, with selective language.

I can name long stretches of my life when I just kept banging my head against the wall.  My parents tried to tell me.  When I got older, my husbands tried to tell me.  My friends and family tried to get me to stop, but I just kept banging, bang, bang, bang.  I smoked from the time I was a young teenager, even though I knew, after a while, that smoking would mess with my body.  I involved myself  with some seedy, disreputable people, who introduced me to drugs and casual sex.  I married very early, divorced after a short time, and scrammed for Colorado with a charming, but irresponsible guitar player who left me stranded in Colorado Springs.  I was 23.

I might write paragraph after paragraph about the walls I slammed into, but I think I’ve made my point.  One other thing:  although I passed a few good years when I didn’t completely ignore my diabetes, I rebelled against diabetes most of my life.  I ignored my doctors, all of the literature of the time, many new findings, and much of the new technology concerning diabetes.  I  didn’t see any consequences at all, until I got hit hard by heart disease.  I didn’t change my lifestyle, even after a long and complicated bypass surgery and almost ludicrously awful complexities.

Bang, bang, bang.

I am lucky to be alive and in reasonable condition.  Since 1999, I have talked regularly with my sister, S., whose wisdom and spirit eventually saved my life.  I became more and more depressed as time went on, and I was incapable, at first, of listening, even though I knew, intellectually, that Sue was making sense, and more, that I trusted her implicitly to tell me what I needed to hear.  I listened, and I tried a couple of times to restructure my life to a higher spiritual awareness.  But the most practical ideas still didn’t get all the way through my defenses.  Later I realized that I heard and remembered everything my sister said; but that was after years of bumping up against all my old walls. Bang, bang, bang, ad nauseum.

That is the situation Abraham is talking about in this affirmation.  If our concentration, our focus, is given to parts of our lives that make us feel bad, we are just like the man in the doctor’s office.  The way to our happiness is to stop concentrating on negativity, and to turn our attention, our focus, to positive events, ideas, or beliefs.  I have written about this many times.  If it’s hard to see anything positive, don’t be afraid of even the minutest thought.  If brushing your teeth makes you feel better, concentrate on that.  If washing your hands after going to the bathroom makes you happy, or even just clean, concentrate on that.  Anything to interrupts the repetition of negative feelings will suffice.  Breaking that cycle, allowing a single happy feeling into the mix is like putting a pillow between your head and that wall.  You might still have a sore head, or a raging headache, but that pillow acts as a protective barrier against the full force of heads and walls.


In this situation, one positive feeling can grow into two, four, eight, and on and on, until those good vibrations overcome even the desire to aim your head at that wall and start running.  And what could be a better cure for negative thoughts and feelings than the buffer of even a little happiness?.




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