If At First You (I) Don’t Succeed…

I figured I needed to update my post about my marble rewards system.

My friend Darreby created a reward incentive program involving dropping marbles into a clear glass container, in preparation for our cruise in 2014.  On Friday last, we drove the 40 minutes to Portland ME, to shop in the Christmas Tree Shop and Michaels.  In Michaels, we found a couple of glass containers that might do.  One seemed really light, and the other was heavy, but pretty narrow at the neck.  I chose the second for a couple of reasons, one of which is that I am fumble-fingered with glass and had just broken a bowl and cut my foot the day before.  The other reason was that it looks like a cartoon of the Eiffel Tower.

I bought a bunch of beautiful marbles in Caribbean water colors.  Most of them are flattened, but they looked like they would work.  I arrived home and set up my system — a large glass bowl filled with marbles, and my tour d’eiffel next to it.  I made a list of behaviors I wanted to change, and assigned a certain number of marbles to not doing what I want to fix, or doing the new solution.  By the end of the day I had 18 marbles, which, to me, seemed pretty significant.

I counted out my little rewards, and started dropping them into the vase.  A couple of times I had a slightly larger marble, but I caught them and replaced them.  Number 9 stuck in the neck, and I haven’t been able to move it, either up or down.  After a couple of hours, I finally gave up, leaned the vase upside down against the table, where it sits still, with its nine little marbles.  I pouted for a day, and then chose a beautiful ceramic cup made by a friend of mine from North Carolina.  The cup is lovely shallow-sea-green, with darker blue and green fish here and there.  It fits  the whole setup.

I also decided that waiting until evening was not the best way for me to make the system work, so now, I add the marbles as soon as I earn them.  I corrected a couple of behaviors today that I hadn’t actually planned for , and three or four on the list.  By the end of the day, I logged 55 marbles.  I felt good about that!  I am fairly generous with the marble count right now, with a larger number for tasks I find more challenging to achieve.

I believe this is going to work.  Thanks, Darreby!


10 responses to “If At First You (I) Don’t Succeed…

    • I hope it works as well for you as it does for me. One trick I use is to use marbles in colors I love — in my case, seaglass blues and light and dark greens, aqua and clear. The visual impact is as rewarding as marking each accomplishment. Best of luck to you! 😎

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    • I swear, Jennifer, it put me into a funk for a whole day! An overreaction, obviously; I stuck a lot of my hope to that system. I don’t have the foggiest idea why I am so blue lately — I feel like I am fighting to keep my spirits up all the time. Any ideas? 😎 (of course, I don’t expect you to know, but I thought I’d ask anyway.) 😎

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