Satuday, 8/10/2013, Gratitude List

Firstly, of course, I am grateful for the safe and easy birth of my great-niece, S.  She and her mom, E. are doing well, as far as I’ve heard so far.  I expect her world to improve with every new day.  She is the daughter, granddaughter, and great-granddaughter of amazing women – my niece, E., sister S., and Mom.  I am so grateful to find these teachers/friends right in my own family.  S. will be gently, but thoroughly, taught how to thrive in this world.  Thank you, Universe, for placing her in our lives.

The rest of my family is doing fine — sister DC, the teacher, is already fully engaged in lesson plans, etc., for the start of school at the end of this month, (If I am reading their calendar right.)  She and her husband, C., are sending one daughter to freshman year college, and the other is entering high school.  This is a nutty time for all of them, but they are handling it well.  I hope to see her for a quick visit this week.  Sister J. is in a new job, in the school she left for her last job.  She is thrilled to be back, and I know she will excel once again.  My sister M.’s son, N., is, I believe, going into his sophomore year at high school.  We are all confident that he will continue to do well there.  He has come so far so fast — he and his mom are reaping the reward for her diligence as a parent.

Brother M. and his wife, L., are enjoying an empty nest.  They cruised to Alaska, and had a blast.  He called me this week, and we had a nice catch-up.  He seems quite content in his new job, as well he would — this is his first step away from nuclear power of one sort or other for over 25 years.

Sister DB.’s younger daughter is beginning her senior year in high school, and she has already been to Australia on last year’s school trip.  She is going to France this year, (her second time!) and she is psyched for this last year in Brunswick High.  Her older sister continues to thrive in Maine’s biggest city, where she works a lot, and also is taking some classes.

I left off marbles for a couple of days; then I found a new container

The new marble arrangement

The new marble arrangement

and started up again 3 days ago.  I love the sound of those marbles when they clink off each other in my target container.  That is itself a terrific reward for me.  I never stopped exercising, though I slacked off yesterday.  When I walked down the hall, down the stairs, and outside around to the front of the building this morning, my legs didn’t hurt quite as much as they did a few days ago, so some early results look good.

I continue to drool over cruises, even though we are pretty sure we already chose one.  Darreby and I talked a while back, and we are trying to get sister S. to come with us.  She has every reason to say no — our last two vacations together were disastrous, thanks to me.  I know she sees the new me, so I hope some, but I wouldn’t blame her for slamming a door in my face, figuratively speaking.  Of course, the cruise is still more than a year away, so anything can happen.  I would love to travel with S. and no disasters!

I love my job, I love my home, I love my life.  I am thankful for bright sunshine outside, and near-perfect temperature of 77℉.  I continue in a state of blissful ignorance for two more weeks of freedom from doctors; I have no idea how healthy I am, but I feel great, and that is a reason to be very grateful.  I love my friends, and my blogiverse friends and family, and I am always grateful for their kind words and unwavering support of my blog, and of me.  In fact, I am feeling pretty good today, content and safe and comfortable and unafraid.  I am a very lucky woman.


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