Awake from Ennui

Abraham-Hicks offers a different perspective on the parts of our lives that overwhelm us in the Affirmation of 8/6/2013:

Rest seems like a nice contrast to overwhelment, but enthusiasm is always chosen over rest. The only thing that ever makes you tired or bogs you down is resistance.


 Excerpted from the workshop in Lincroft, NJ on October 15, 1996

First, to address Abraham’s new word — overwhelment.  It describes just the feeling to which it refers; the emotional state of a person in an overwhelming situation or condition.  If somebody can create words like blog and gravatar, Abraham seems to me to be on even ground with overwhelment.

So.  I find myself in an overwhelming condition or state.  This is a familiar old spot to me.  Throughout most of my teenaged and adult life, I was a little bewildered, always somewhat off-course.  If I couldn’t identify my challenges intellectually, I got lost in the power of the feeling.  And since so much of my everyday life involved some of that confusion, I became good at giving in, getting tired and surrendering to the negative feelings.

I am positive that I am not the only one to experience this feeling.  Our lives are equally full of happy, wonderful occasions, sad occasions, and the times between.  One of our strengths, as a sentient species, is knowing that regardless of the nature of the feeling, or of the situation, nothing lasts forever.

However, I have been stuck in one emotion or circumstance for so long that it felt like forever.

This state is called ennui.  Abraham tells us that when we are confused or unable to manage our situation, when we feel like the walls are crowding in, or if the monsters are out of the closet and standing in our rooms, the one thing we must avoid is this state of ennui.  A little more sleep may sound like a good idea.  A break from the craziness  may seem like just the answer to feeling overwhelmed.  Abraham is talking about the Law of Attraction here:  That on which we concentrate is what we call to us.  Here, he tells us that a break, a rest, a time out only brings us the desire for more rest, more breaks, more time-outs.

Instead, Abraham tells us that enthusiasm is the real answer.  Draw in more energy by finding our own energy first.  This side of the equation works the same way, in the opposite direction to the last.  This is a little hard to swallow on the surface, I know.  But Abraham reminds us that resistance to that overwhelment — trying to put it behind by tuning it out, doesn’t work.  We are still concentrating on what that feeling is doing to bring us down — makes us tired, screws with our heads, leaves us with no solution, and more unsuccessful handling of the situation.  If, on the other hand, we look within ourselves and find even a little excitement, a little energy, we tap into the immense, unstoppable power of the positive.

We’re tired.  We’re worn out.  We’ve had enough and then some.  Nothing is wrong with keeping our physical bodies in shape.  That is not the kind of rest to which Abraham refers.  Anyone who has felt depressed most likely remember that feeling of sleepiness; that desire to block everything out by shutting down.  That is what we must beware.  Refusing to meet the situation head-on is the best way to let it get the best of us.

I am positive, as far as something getting the best of me, never again will it be because I ignore the problem.  Or if I start down that road, I will remember what Abraham says here, and that review will help me to find my way back out.


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