Another Update

Time for  update on my Marble-incentive exercise and habit-changing plan.


In fact, I am happy to report that I emptied all the marbles from one bowl into the other, as of Tuesday, August 20.

I am pedaling 45 minutes to an hour almost daily.  I took Sunday off to read a great book.  I let myself bypass the stairs for a couple of days, at the end of which, I had lost so much progress that climbing yesterday was almost like starting over.  But I was up at 5:00AM today — my neighbors on the smoking patio were louder than usual.  But that was okay — I walked down the stairs, around the building to sit with them for a while, and then I walked 3/4 of the way around the building WITHOUT STOPPING; that was a first for me.  I sat on the second stair and then climbed up the stairs.  I achieved that in one big gulp, as well, though I stopped and stretched after I reached the top, before I walked back to my apartment.

Today is the first day this week that I didn’t take a two-hour nap.  I am a little pooped, but I feel good, and I am energized in a way I was thirty years ago.

Besides exercise, I am changing some other bad habits.  I get 5 marbles each if I take my medications before 9AM and before 10PM.  I did laundry Tuesday, and hung it all in the closet that day — unheard of!  The sink is clean of dishes at the end of the day, if not more frequently.  I’m attending to my plants more regularly than I ever did before; I am attending to my own diet more carefully, although I am not keeping written records.  I give special attention to eating less potassium, which should benefit my kidneys.  My blood glucose numbers are better every day — I have even had a couple of days below 150.  I imagine that number makes some of you frown a little — but coming from an A1C (three-month glucose measurement,) of 13.2 in 2006 to 7.5 a couple of days ago, 150 feels great.

At the end of my marble-counting for the day, I ask myself a question Darreby suggested when I started this project.  Did I look to the light?  I am happy to say that answer is yes, most days.

Thank you, all of you, for your support of me in this project.  Darreby, I am so happy to be your friend — I looked at cruises again last night, and between that research and my marbles, I am anticipating ours more each day.

In fact, I feel good all over, and grateful, and today is only Thursday.


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