Building our emotional castles

This is an example from Abraham-Hicks Law of Attraction which is sometimes hard to believe or understand.  But it contains important principles, and rates a closer evaluation:

When you understand the Laws, then you understand that it is not more difficult to create a castle than it is a button. They are equal. It is not more difficult to create $10 million than $100,000. It is the same application of the same Law to two different intentions.


 Excerpted from the book – The Law of Attraction, The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham

Firstly, Abraham references the Laws.  I believe that refers to the different uses of the Law of Attraction.  That is how I am describing this Affirmation — if I am mistaken, or leaving a Law out of the conversation, I offer my apologies and welcome that information in Comments.

Abraham’s first example, creating a castle or a button, is basic Law of Attraction at work.  Our concentration, our vibration only needs focus to bring us our desires.  That does not mean, “If I snap my fingers, a castle, (or a button,) will appear.”  The Law of Attraction comes to us, not from some far-blown fantasy or nightmare, but rather from the choices we make with regards to managing our energy.  If I decide I want a castle, I do not ask for a fairy godmother and a wish; if I want a castle, I think about castles, I research and talk to others about castles, I find out what I need to build my castle, and then I set about calling those resources to myself with the Law of Attraction.  In other words, the thing I want, the castle, becomes the focus of my energy.  Focus is the key.

In the same way, we are invited to call any feeling to ourselves.  The Law of Attraction is equally effective if our desires are castles, or happiness.  In the very same manner, a wish for three wishes and a fairy godmother is not the way to go.  We turn our energies to the feelings we desire — ideally, to the unfettered access to happiness to which we are entitled as Universal beings.  But if we turn our energy, or even our studied and intentional lack of energy, to sadness, or anger, or hatred, we are saying to the Universe, “Somewhere inside, I want to be angry, or unhappy, or unloving — that is where I am putting all of my energy and effort.”

When I was sad, and sick, and feeling like a victim, and angry about it all, I reinforced those feelings each time I thought about them.  I stood in front of a mirror a hundred-thousand times, wishing with all my heart that I was thinner, when I meant was that I felt discouraged, or angry, about being fat.  But by expressing those emotions, we are guaranteeing that we will remain angry, and frustrated.  We can force ourselves to lose weight — humans can do anything.  But we are reinforcing negative feelings about ourselves which will eventually rob us of the satisfaction of accomplishment; then we call to ourselves the same dissatisfaction with regard to everything in our lives.

Does this affirmation state that focusing solely on our desire for happiness is easy to do?  Nowhere in Abraham’s writings are we guaranteed a simple positivity.  A simple negative result is more likely to occur — our happiness and satisfaction and success are almost always on the complicated end of that spectrum.  To believe that our focus draws anything to us is a much easier thing to do than to make it happen.  But if we stay focused on happiness, even the tiniest little bit of happiness, we begin the process of drawing more of that joy into our lives.  Stand in front of a mirror, and choose one little characteristic or one small measure of appearance, and direct our focus there..

When I was most terribly depressed, I felt good if I got up and brushed my teeth.  Every time I brushed my teeth, and felt good about doing it, I was demonstrating to myself the pleasure of caring for myself.  Knowing that feeling existed led me to decide I wanted more of that range of emotion.  Concentrating on that desire eventually led to taking care of all of me.  The result, of course, is satisfaction, happiness, better health, and spiritual peace.  A worthy effort, no?  Yes, and that kind of effort will work for you.  Focus is the key.


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