More Songs For When I’m Happy

I must say, the Music Choice Classic Rock station on my cable service hits all kinds of buttons with me — great songs and some good memories.  I thought I’d share a few more.  

In 1988-89, I lived in Bangor, Maine, and attended the Seminary there.  I know, strange enough for a whole post.  But, dancing in local clubs was more fun than anything else, and some friends and I liked one club in particular.  This club was in a hotel — most of the fun I ever had dancing took place in clubs in hotels.  The DJ at this dance place favored early to mid 1960s singers, and he really loved Dion.  This was a regular play each Saturday night, and a great song to dance to — from the 1963 album of the same name, here’s Ruby Baby:


Any one of 80% of the Bearles songs come out when I am happy, and I respect and listen to 100% at one time or another.  I couldn’t decide which  to play, until I spotted this among the choices.  How can I not smile?  Can you?  From 1969’s Abbey Road, this is Here Comes The Sun:


My next choice, and these is no particular order, is from Night Moves, (1978,)  which album was  highly successful, with three big hits and several smaller ones.  The artist is Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band, and other hits on the same album; those hits included Night Moves, Mainstreet, and Fire Down Below — another real favorite.  Here is Bob Seger, with Rock and Roll Never Forgets:


Finally, for this post at least, at least, I chose a song from  Paul Simon’s fantastic 1986 albumGraceland.  On Graceland, Paul Simon included a group called Ladysmith Black Mambazo, from the country Zulu.  He incorporated that group’s native African music with his obviously stellar songwriting talents.  One number I really enjoy is Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes:



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