Saturday Gratitude List 08/31/2013

Today is the last day of August.  Already.  This summer flew by right in front of me.  Fortunately, I spent most of the days of summer living in the moment, and really loving life.  For that, I will always be grateful.  Other summers passed, just as quickly; the difference this summer is my ability to live now, to stop worrying about yesterday, and not worrying about tomorrow.  This feeling is new, but I think I have looked for it all my life.  Now I know why.

I’m thankful, as well, for the continuing improvement of my will, and my determination to live in peace and joy.  I wanted for years to live in peace, but I never determined that I would, regardless of any cost.  Turns out, I pay almost no cost for this much better way of life.

I continue daily to exercise and to believe in the power of positivity.  My marble-incentive program goes well — this week, my friend Darreby bought me a beautiful summer dress, with dragonflies for decoration.  I love it!  Thanks, Darreby, and thank you for all your encouragement — I love you, my dreamy buddy.  I just used the last few marbles in my bowl for yesterday’s successes.  Time for another reward.  I think I may go to Five Islands Lobster Company, for one more oceanside dinner before the summer ends.  I am definitely now going for sweets, though — I am much stronger and in less pain than I have ever been, but I am not losing inches around the middle, and that is the one part of me that really needs attention.  More walking should do the trick.

I am thankful for my job, and for the people for whom, and with whom, I work.  I went to work yesterday morning — just another day.  After fifteen minutes at the register, I noticed that I was smiling without thinking about it.  Smiles on my face have been few and far between in years gone by — suddenly, I am in a peaceful, happy mood which shows in my expression, and in most of my daily activities.  What a nice way to feel!

I am grateful for my family, my friends, my bloggy friends, for living in a community with so little crime and unrest.  I can not remember clearly, after almost a year, the miserable life I led before.  (And I don’t mean miserable all the time — I wasn’t, but also, I was not monitoring my diabetes, not taking my medications carefully, not living in the moment.)  I could remember every awful occurence, but I am losing any interest in those events, and that time.  Now is a very good time for me, and I am living it well.  For that, I am especially grateful.  I am a very lucky woman.


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