Gaining my Marbles

Time for another update on my Marble-Incentive program.

2nd Time through the marbles

2nd Time through the marbles

I just counted out yesterday’s marbles, and as you can see, I finished the bowl again.  The first time, my friend Darreby

My friend, D.

Photo by Roger S. Duncan, for the Forecaster, 08/08/2011

bought me a lovely gift — a dress that will be perfect on the cruise.  This time, I am going to Goodwill’s new store and find some casual tops.

(In 2011, I joined one of Darreby’s Dream Teams, where a small group of people learn how to overcome blocks and fulfill goals.  The result was this blog.  Thanks, buddy.) 

The program is still working well — I can’t believe it, but I use the stairs more than the elevator, and every morning when I go in the kitchen, my sink is empty of dirty dishes.  I am succeeding with my other goals, too.  Overall, a great program.  See the Link above for a full description.


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