Project A.W.O.L. — Caveat Emptor

Hi, readers.  I have some info on some of our newest readers.  Anyone involved in Project A.W.O.L. will be blocked this afternoon.  Project AWOL promises a way to become rich, and never have to work for anyone ever again.  I’ll even give you their link, but don’t watch it until you have read this page, as well.

The trick with AWOL is to send out this attractive email, or to join your blog to do this to other people, and collect $25.  Doesn’t sound too bad, does it?  Well, multiply that amount by the millions of emails these people get out, and the number of people who are sucked in by the beautiful mansion on the shore in Thailand, where they give week-long training seminars, along with all the trimmings of a resort vacation.  One 19 year old kid has made a fortune on this, and the founders must be swimming in money, laughing their asses off at anyone who buys the scam.

I am no one’s mother.  But I will not let my blog be used to market this stuff.  Beware, and hold on to your cash, and honest living, or jump on this bandwagon, and make a fortune gulling others out of money they could be spending so much more productively elsewhere.


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