One Cure for Writer’s Block

The condition known as Writer’s Block is not one to which I am accustomed, though it certainly rears its head from time to time.  For the first several months of my blogging life, I needed so badly to unload so much history, I was posting four times a day, every single day.  I finally reached the end of that stage of my writing, and I found other challenges and resources, thoughts about which I wanted to share.  I still draw heavily on a couple of daily affirmation sites.  I frequently require of myself post topics from the greater human community, and from topics I read in other blogs.  Still, there are times, like today, when no subject catches my eye.

I made the decision, long ago, that if I am in Writer’s Block, I write about writing.  This usually aids me in breaking through confusion, boredom, or hesitation.  Then, I can go back to writing naturally, my way.

Today, my Writer’s Block is of a particular nature — I am unable to write for either of the stories I’ve started.  My process for choosing story lines and themes is quite simple — I start writing about situations in my own life, and then I take the story way out of basic context, and make it either fantasy, or science fiction, or both.  Or that is what I plan to do.  I don’t know how to make the jump, from life to fantasy/sci-fi.  I think I chose good stories to write, but they will not come out of my fingers into the computer.

During National Novel Writers’ Month, or NaNoWriMo 2012, I banged out an autobiography.  I finished ahead of schedule; my final count was approximately 52,000 words.  In that month, I learned that I love to write, and I feel perfectly comfortable with 2000 words a day.  I just need to know, solidly know, my subject matter.  On the other hand, I prefer seat-of-the-pants writing, in which I am less contrived and more honestly myself.  Truly, a dilemma.

I finally decided, only today, that I must write outlines.  I skipped outlines in college — in fact, I would write the paper, and then draw up the outline.  But I need clarity on where I want my story to go.  If I know the basic story from beginning to end, rather than just a general idea, my seat-of-the-pants style may then work more easily.  This will require discipline.  Time for me to grow up and get over my chronic  lack of discipline.  Wish me luck!


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