Time for a Time-Out

My writing and my response to posts will be almost non-existent for three or four days.  I need to look at the number of posts I am trying to follow each day, and narrow them down.  I want to take a little time to do this, so as not to make any choices which aren’t well thought out.

Therefore, you will hear from me again by Saturday at the very latest.  Meanwhile, I hope all goes well with each of you, and that happiness touches you all in the next couple of days.  All the best!


6 responses to “Time for a Time-Out

    • Thank you, my friend. I took a long time getting here, but finally I understand what everyone says — take care of yourself, or you can’t do anything for anyone else. Thanks so much for being such a lovely friend!

  1. i find i need to do it quite often, and also adjust the email or not choices … if i get too many emails i end up deleting them all to cope! now I am in the reader which is easy to skim through and find the ones I want to read more of 🙂 good luck judith 🙂

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