Voting rights?  LIMITING VOTING RIGHTS?  

What is this, 1964?  Why are Americans in at least six states in favor of Voter Rights limitations, in favor enough to make them laws?



Last week, the Supreme Court removed federal oversight of states known to have used discriminatory practices to block or hobble the registration of poor, elderly, and especially minority citizens.  The court ruled that enough change had been made to let those states off the hook — at least six of those states, once subject to oversight, wasted no time passing stricter Voter Identification regulations, deliberately limiting the voters more likely to vote Democrat.  The changes were backed primarily by Republican lawmakers.  (See here for details on Texas, North Carolina, and the general unfairness of redistricting to separate minorities which make it more difficult for them to vote, or to stand together for a single candidate.)

Republicans and Republican sympathizers accuse progressive thinkers and “liberals,” of exaggeration.  But while no one yet has seen the outcome of the efforts by Republicans to use this round of redistricting, and voter ID as well, to limit minority ease and access to voting privileges,  past efforts have been widely recognized as blatantly discriminatory.  (See also here and here.)

I don’t have any answers — I am writing this because my shock and outrage need to go somewhere.  The next move will need to come from the same legislative branch that is, as of now, dismissing completely any idea, if it has anything to do with President Obama.  We need to rally ourselves and our Congress to respect the Constitution of our country, and to stand up for the right of each American citizen to vote his or her conscience without fighting discrimination.  We must force our representatives in Washington to push for fairness, or show them the power of the electorate by voting them from Congress, and replacing them with other legislators who will represent the interests of the entire voting public, and the interests of American citizens.


5 responses to “A GIANT STEP BACKWARD

    • Very, very not good at all. And my country is moving in that direction in giant strides. As I am writing, the House Republicans just voted to defund the Affordable Health Care Act. They are just blind!

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