Gratitude Saturday — 09/21/2013

With many thanks to Eldy

With many thanks to Eldy

I am grateful for so much, this week.  I feel rested and refreshed, after Mom’s and my weekend in the White Mountains.  We shared a lot of laughter, and saw some lovely countryside.  I was very happy and thankful to spend some time in a mountainous area — that high horizon always appealed to me.  Thank you, Mom, for a wonderful weekend.

Lunch by Thomas Pond in Raymond, Maine

Lunch by Thomas Pond in Raymond, Maine

I got out of the practice of exercising while I was away, and I needed a few days to get back in the swing.  But I earned something like 40 marbles yesterday, and I started the day walking down, and then back up, the stairs.  I am confident that I am back in a pattern now, and I am grateful to be here, rather than sitting around thinking of what I should be doing, as I used to do.

I heard from a couple of far-away sisters this week; I’m thankful to be in touch with them, and to know that everyone is hanging in there.  Three of my sisters have birthdays in the next week-plus, on the 27th and two on the 29th.  September used to be a month of mourning for me, but no more — I’m feeling quite contented.

Mom’s knee replacement surgery happens on Wednesday, and I hope all of you in my reader family will wish her well on that day.  After the surgery, unless the doctors decide she needs rehab, she is coming home, where I will stay for most of the next month.  I believe she will feel a tremendous improvement, both in mobility and discomfort, when the knee is replaced.

I am feeling healthy — my blood sugar averages continue to fall.  I see the nephrologist on Monday — I am a little nervous about that, but I am sticking to the diet and watching my potassium and my phosphorous intake.  Hopefully my kidney values will be down a little from last time.

I am full of gratitude today, and thankful for every blessing in my life.  I am a very lucky woman!


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