Once Again, Keystone Daily Funny is Serious

(I hold my tongue as much as I can, when I think about the mess the Republicans have gotten us into, economically.  But now is the time for me to speak up.  I am appalled that members of the GOP would rather let the government fail than pass a budget that offers the uninsured some medical protection.  Not all the GOP is guilty of this, but Rep. John Boehner, Senator Ted Cruz, and Senator Mike Fields are leading the effort.  Today’s Keystone Daily Funny is right on for this and other efforts by Tea Party members’ and Republicans’  refusal even to discuss alternatives with their Democratic counterparts. 

Here are your Daily Funnies from Keystone Progress

September 25, 2013 

(To view the funnies full size, click on the image or go to www.dailyfunnies.us)

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