Not gone, just busy!

The good news is that Mom is getting around a little better; she recently underwent Total Knee Replacement (TKR) Surgery and I have beenstaying at her house to help out.  She has had positive reports from the visiting nurse and the physical therapist, so we are happy about that.  I find myself with little time to comment on other blogs, but I am trying to read someof them, anyway.  I just realized I didn’t do my Saturday Gratitude List this week, so here are some of the many things I am grateful for:

First, of course, that my Mom came through her surgery safely, and is progressing well in her recuperation.  Secondly, I just got home from an extremely enlightening appointment with Margaret, my psychologist from a few years back — I am so glad I chose to get back with her.  She knows me very well, and we can cut to the chase with a lot of my stuff, whereas with any other psychologist I would have to start at the beginning, again.  I am tired of that story, and I don’t use it to define myself anymore, so this works out well.

She suggested that I am narcissistic, in the strictest definition of that word: I evaluate myself based on the world around me.  This goes back to that Victimhood question of a few weeks ago, and I am beginning to understand that most of my behavior is based on resentment.  I am learning that I can feel however I feel, but I can make different choices about my reaction to those feelings.  She is someone for whom I am extremely grateful.

As well, my health is good, and my attitude is pretty good, and my exercises made me much more capable of helping Mom.  That makes me happy, but not just happy — thankful-happy.  My family is doing well, and my nieces in college are adjusting so well to the life of underclass-persons.  I still love my job, and my friends, and all of you bloggy friends as well, and i promise I’ll start commenting again soon.  Stay happy, stay healthy, and be mindful of all the blessings of the world.


6 responses to “Not gone, just busy!

  1. I “liked” your post for two reasons really. I am so glad that your relationship with your mom is growing deeper and also that your relationship with yourself has also deepened. It is a great post.

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