Share Your World 2013 — Week 35

Share Your World Image Courtesy of Cee's Photography

Share Your World
Image Courtesy of
Cee’s Photography

I am having no end of difficulty trying to post a link to the Creator of Share Your World — Cee at  My answers are in blue, and the questions are:

1.  Have you ever bungee jumped?  If you haven’t, would you want to?  For most of my life, I wouldn’t go anywhere near bungee jumping or bungee jumpers — I was sure, in my narcissistic way, that I would be wearing the cord when it broke.  After all, I was the ultimate victim, remember.  Now, I’m not sure at all — I am tempted to say yes, but this seems like a decision of the moment.  I faced many fears this year, and making the leap might be a good next step.  Not from the New River Bridge, of course, or a 1/2 mile-deep cave — something a little tame to start with.

2.  For your computer Mac or Windows based computer?  Desktop, laptop, Pad or other?  Laptop for writing, tablet for solitaire and Scrabble Blast and MahJongg.  Please, no Android OS anywhere near either of them.  That is what I am working with right now, and its WP software app SUCKS.

3.  If you were instantly able to play one musical instrument perfectly that you never have played before, what would it be?  If it can’t be my old companion, the French Horn, then Tenor Sax.

4,  Describe yourself in at least four uplifting words.  Learning, Sharing, Understanding more each day.


6 responses to “Share Your World 2013 — Week 35

  1. Good assortment of answers…I’m petrified of heights myself. I guess many folks are having difficulty connecting with Cee’s “self-hosted” blog these days. She’s posted that she’s in the process of going back to the regular WordPress but has to wait due to their October hiatus. I am waiting patiently along with her many followers too.

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