Gratitudes — Saturday, 10/12/13

Gratitude Saturday Challenge Badge (with thanks to Eldy) at Loving Life: A Green Journey)

Gratitude Saturday Challenge Badge
(with thanks to Eldy at
Loving Life: A Green Journey)

Saturday sneaks up so quickly each week that it always catches me by surprise.  Here we are again, and my gratitude list is full of love and happy thoughts today.

I am grateful to be alive, to be relatively healthy and very happy.  I am grateful for Mom’s ongoing recovery from total knee replacement, and so pleased that I can spend this long amount of time with her.  Along with the challenges of healing, Mom is BORED, a condition not easily dealt with, for someone who normally works full-time.  She exercises as much as she can stand, and she has Physical Therapy twice a week.  We are doing very well, and the kitties, (full-grown tomcats, actually, named Theo and Barney,) remember that they love me and keep me company much of the time when Mom is napping or resting.  I curb my slobbishness as much as possible, downstairs, but today I need to clean upstairs, as she got to the second floor with no problems yesterday.  As much as we can, given the circumstances, we are enjoying our time together.

I say I am relatively healthy, because while I am walking around the house, quite a bit, I am not accomplishing any kind of endurance training or practice.  We just got back from the supermarket, and Mom walked further than I did!  I gained back all of the weight I’d lost, (not really lost, obviously, but misplaced for a while.)  I have a job ahead of me to catch back up.  But I will do it.

i am very thankful for our continuing beautiful autumn days — one rainy day since September 25, and the rest are breathtaking, even looking out the window at my mom’s neighbor’s house.  We see bluejays, cardinals,  all kinds of sparrows, and a fat fluffy squirrel who has the run of the lawn — when he can avoid Barney and Theo.  I don’t think they want to kill him, just chase him around, but he won’t consider it.  He likes to climb a very tall telephone pole outside the neighbor’s door, and he will sit up there and observe his domain for long stretches of time.  He was on the lawn looking for acorns — surrounded by oak trees, but none close enough to drop into the grass.  He stops and thinks every once in awhile,  and I think he knows he’s in the wrong place; still no acorns.

I am proud of myself today — it’s my second blogging anniversary.  Thank you, all of you, for sticking with me and supporting me and teaching me this whole time.  I could make a list, but I don’t want to leave anyone out.  Besides, you have all impacted me and my attitude almost every day, and I am very grateful.  I am a very lucky woman!


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