Greetings, my bloggy family, and for those who didn’t just drop me, thank you so mush.  First, a little bit of housekeeping — I spent a good deal of the evening deleting emails, and I tried for a while to look at each of the 12,959 to see if I needed to read them.  Finally, around the 5000s, I just clicked delete for all of them at once.  If you have sent something recently that you want me to see, please re-send. Thank you for your patience.

Mom is well on her way to total recovery, and I am back home.  We had a very good month together, and I will always be thankful that I spent this last month + getting to know my Mom.  She came through the surgery and those first few weeks like a champ.  I’m proud of you, Mom!

I am participating in National Novel Writing Month again, so November may have fewer posts.  More on that later.  I am in a tear to get to a doctor’s office, so this is all for now.  I hope you are all well, and inclining toward joy.  Much Love!


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