Saturday Gratitude Challenge — 11/16/2013

With many thanks to Eldy

With many thanks to Eldy

I have loads of reasons to be thankful today.

Mom and I went out to run some errands this morning, and I was overwhelmingly grateful to watch her get into and out of her car with little pain or strain — an enormous change from the last couple of months.  I thank all of her doctors, and nurses, and Physical and Occupational Therapists.  Mom, I am so very proud of you!

I am feeling okay; my blood sugars are evening out, and I’m going for labs sometime on Monday, to check all the peripheral conditions.  Meanwhile, I pedal every day, and walk when I can — mostly inside or just around my building.  We’re having some cold weather up here in the North Country.  While running errands today, Mom and I went into Reny’s, in downtown Bath.  She found toys for the great-grandchildren, and I found mock turtlenecks for $5.99 each — I tried one on, and then snapped up four.  My winter wardrobe is complete.  Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

I am particularly grateful for my helper, B — yesterday we attacked my pantry, emptied it of stuff I don’t use, then cleaned the shelves and put everything I do use back, in order and with some effort towards keeping the pantry clean and detritus-free.  I invited my downstairs neighbor over a few days ago, to take what she wanted out of the pile of stuff I was otherwise eliminating.  I still have piles of canned goods that I bought and will never use.  I’m putting those on the table in the common room with a sign:  Free Food.  If you want it, take it, because I intend to trash anything no one wants.  (I can’t imagine any of the food remaining on the table — my neighbors’ budgets are as tight as mine.)  Thanks so much, B.

After hundreds of times clicking the TV remote to on, only to have it shut itself off again, I looked online and learned that this non-start, blinky-light situation signified a power surge that got through.  I am thoroughly grateful that, because I was at Mom’s for so long, I had enough disposable income to by a nice TV.  More about that in another post — it is a story all its own.

I met my new Endocrinologist last Monday, and I feel pretty comfortable with her as a doctor.  Maybe the best thing that ever happened to me was when she looked at my higher sugars, and had me adjust my pump to cover them.  No “well, if you didn’t eat this,” or “you really should be more careful.  In other words, she trusted me to correct those problems or not, as I chose; she did not act like the insulin police.  Moreover, she has ordered labs to identify areas that need resolving, like the level of my thyroid replacement medication, and the hydrocortisone I take for my adrenal insufficiency.  In other words, she treated me like an adult and expected me to act my age, (not my shoe size, as we used to say.)  She was another out-of-the-hat doctor, and I don’t think the other doctor in that practice would be anywhere near as willing to get cues from me, and not the other way around.  Dr. T. did that, and I am grateful forever to find a doc like that for my major condition in life.

My family members are doing well, with two in college, one headed that way, and one taking a break from school to work and save some money.  My oldest niece is doing her best to keep up with an infant and a very precocious toddler.  We are all thankful that this second child is as beautiful and lovable as the first.  Hopefully, she will be just as bright and smart.  Sister S. is back from an annual trip to see friends in the keys.   Sister J sounds very happy, and so do all of my sibs.  That is something to be thankful for .

I am fully thankful to be alive.  To be able to look outside on this cloudless day, and to enjoy the sunshine and the blue sky.  The leaves are about gone on the hardwood trees, but occasionally, I see one with the leaves clinging , as if to defy the coming dark and cold.  That description also fits me right now.  The autumn, while beautiful, holds many unhappy anniversaries for me.  I woke this morning and decided that what I need is a fresh start, so I acknowledged today as the beginning of a season of goodness and happiness, of identifying my own desires, and then concentrating on them happening.  I believe this method works — not metaphorically or symbolically, but actually, truthfully works.  I have already begun to shift my attitude toward a more gracious and grateful state.  Thank you for sharing this new day with me.  I am a very lucky woman.


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