Happily Giving Thanks

We live in a bountiful land, loaded to the gills with so many blessings, in the produce of the land, the variety of forests, the differences of the dirt itself, in color and chemical makeup.  We Americans live in comfort, for the most part; comfort that citizens of other parts of the world cannot even imagine.  We have access, and now more access, to health care, to the treatments and drugs we need to survive the many and various bacteria and viruses which are always with us.  We are blessed, and we have much for which to be grateful.

Shortly after I launched this blog, I announced a Gratitude Challenge which, as far as I know, two people have  accepted.  Maybe people don’t know how to say it, or write it.  With a short self-inventory, however, I believe anyone can come up with at least a couple of reasons to give thanks. This very act reminds me of how good my life is, and how often I squander it, when I get wrapped up in happenings of the day.  I am reminded, each Saturday, when I write this list, of how fortunate my family has been, (as I am the least healthy of us, and I am working on that.)  I wish I could convey the feeling of peace I find in writing that post every week.  Maybe if I could, more readers would be willing to take a stab at it.

This is not a religious act.  When I give thanks, I offer it up to the stream of consciousness, and to everyone and everything that is made up of a tiny fraction of the material of the universe.  We are the little pieces of the universe which it makes of itself in order to be conscious and to have effect on each other and the world, hopefully for good.  We are stardust, and that makes us and our thanks as luminous as every star in the sky.  On Thanksgiving day, when I see for how much I can be grateful, I say Thanks.  I am a very lucky woman.


4 responses to “Happily Giving Thanks

    • I know you tried — you are one of the two. The thing is, there is no such thing as doing a gratitude list in any kind of wrong way — gratitude, like all the other emotions, is not good or bad — it just is. Maybe try making a list of all the blessings you can think of, and all of the challenges you still face, which will be great lessons foryou. Thankful for you, my friend.

      • You aren’t letting me down in any way, Jen. I don’t have expectations about anybody climbing onboard. I mostly just want others to know the sense of peace and appreciation I have found. No rule is broken if someone doesn’t do the challenge. Besides, being thankful for second chances is a huge emotional achievement. Be comfortable — no pressure. Thanks for your support.

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