Saturday Gratitude List — 12/14/2013

Saturday is almost over, so I want to get this posted before midnight.

I cannot believe today is the 14th of December.  How quickly the days, weeks, and months flit by.   I don’t like living from up at 0-dark-thirty to home at 0-dark-thirty.  Still, I don’t have any complaints about 2013 — I feel blessed to be able to see these days, and I hope for many more.

One of the reasons my time flew by this year was the change in my social status.  I have friends, and I participate in a writers’ group.  Mom and I had a month or so to enjoy each other’s company, and I must confess — I never expected to laugh until my sides hurt while talking to Mom.  Just so happens that our senses of humor are really similar, and I treasure each minute I spend with her.  She has healed well from her right knee-replacement surgery — she’ll go back in April for the other side.

All of my family are healthy and happy, within the confines of everyday life.  I have a beautiful grand-niece; she is so precious.  She has an older brother who loves her like crazy. One of my nephews is planning on a big wedding in Chicago in March — almost the whole family will be there.  Mom is using her companion ticket to make sure I get there too.  I can hardly wait!

I have embarked on an extended short story writing binge — I am hoping to hone my skills and clear up my short-story theories.  Who knows — I might get better at the task someday.  I plan on it.

I am grateful for my family, my friends, my health, and my happiness.  I love the Christmas season, and I am thoroughly enjoying decorations everywhere I look.  My writers’ group is in a state of flux right now, but I think we’ll get back on track after the holidays.  I am thankful all the time — sometimes more, sometimes less.  Contentment has become my life’s focus.  I know I am a very lucky woman, and I thank everyone who helps me stay so positive.


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