Sy-Fy Channel Disaster Movies

I just flipped by the Sy-Fy Channel, and came upon a disaster movie — just what I am always looking for on that channel.  This one is Space Twister; next is Seattle Superstormand then Swamp Volcano.  If you enjoy these B movies as much as I do, set your DVR.

Just a quick story — Mom and I have totally opposite feelings about televised entertainment.  She is totally lost when she considers my love of Science Fiction and Disaster Movies.  I am sometimes put to sleep, (though not always,) by mysteries and period dramas.

While I was staying at Mom’s, as she recovered from her knee replacement surgery, I had near-exclusive use of the TV for the first week or so.  She has Netflix, and I had a ball feeding my addictions.  Netflix has a decent collection of Sy-Fy made-for-TV Disaster movies, with melodramatic title like 500MPH Storm, Arctic Blast, and Category 7 — The End of the World, (which, with its accompanying title, Category 6 — Day of Destruction,) offers the annihilation of Chicago, Paris, New York, and Washington.

I had a blast, but the time came for Mom to assume the control over Netflix.  When she looked at her recommendations, she was inundated by such titles as Ring of Fire, Moon Base, Event Horizon, and 10.5.  I don’t think she has yet gotten her preferences straightened out.  Now I watch Netflix on my laptop, and Mom can watch foreign movies and British Mystery series, (including Inspector Morse, which includes excellent episodes — one I would watch again.)

One more skewed result of  uncontrolled modern television technology.  😎


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