The Law of Attraction In My Life

There is the potential for relief (feeling better) indefinitely. In other words, we do not know of any ending point to the amount of clarity, and adventure, and joy, and Well-Being—it is an unlimited thing.

Excerpted from the workshop in Asheville, NC on Sunday, October 24th, 2004

This quote sums up the blessing of living according to the Law of Attraction.  I will start with a definition of that law, as understanding how it works helps us to understand why such a state of Well-being is possible to anyone.

The Law of Attraction simply states that we attract into our lives the positive or negative emotions, and therefore the consequences, of that to which we give our vibration — that on which we concentrate.  So, if one concentrates on how horrible his or her circumstances are, how unfair life is, even concentrating on something like bad health or chronic disease, that person automatically draws to himself/herself the exact emotions and experiences over which they obsess.

My life presented a true example of the Law, long before I knew anything about it, or about Abraham-Hicks.  I learned, at age 14, that I was a Type 1 (juvenile) diabetic.  My doctor presented this diagnosis to me with the strong warning that I would not live very long.  I listened, all right.  I became depressed; I felt like managing my diabetes in the way I was instructed would be a waste of time, because my imminent death loomed larger than any hope whatsoever that I could prove the doctor wrong.

Even when I surpassed the year he predicted for my demise, I remained depressed — I actually went lower and lower.  During those years, I proved the Law of Attraction in another way:  I had several different medical procedures during this time, and in every single instance, I manifested the side effects the doctor described right before the surgery, in the same order in which he listed them.

I am convinced that those doctors’ warnings were predictions for me — I only needed to hear them, and I made them happen to myself.  After the worst example of this circumstance, my sister S. told me about the Abraham-Hicks and the Law of Attraction.  I realized immediately that the simple principle of concentrating on one kind of feeling draws that feeling to me.  Sadly, while I understood intellectually, I was not yet able to believe that I could change anything.

Years of reassurance, from my sister and other people who love me, hour after hour of therapy to learn new cognitive skills, and processing much of my past through this blog — by 2011, I finally realized that I needed to believe I was forgivable, lovable, and worth more than the miserable years that led up to this time in my life.  Finally, I got it.  I forgave myself for all of my past mistakes, and decided from that point on, I would live a positive life, for joy and contentment and health.

This strategy is working in my life most of the time, now.  If I do backslide into sadness, I recognize it and change my mindset, to invite happiness back in.  Thus far, I am successful.  I am healthier, I have better relationships with my family and friends, and I am satisfied that I will stay here, as long as I remember the Law of Attraction:  Like begets like.  I focus on the positive side of each situation, and as a result, I feel content with my circumstances.  And that is the secret — feel good about something, and the good feelings will build until all our feelings are reasonably good.


5 responses to “The Law of Attraction In My Life

  1. This is not only incredibly profound, deeply personal, and uplifting, but a joy to read! I, like you, found Law of Attraction much later in life after manifesting many unwanted situations in life. I want to thank you for helping to proliferate this life-giving information in such a clear, impactful way! 🙂

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