Saturday Gratitude Post 01/11/2014

I am full of grateful feelings today.  I am healthy, and happy, and feeling quite inspired.  My family is all doing well, as well — we are very lucky.

Tomorrow is Dad’s 80th birthday — Happy Birthday, Dad!  I give thanks every day that you are taking care of yourself.   Remember, you and P. promised to dance at my 75th  birthday party.  I am going to hold you to that.  What many changes you have seen in your lifetime!  Much love and best wishes.

I spent the afternoon with Mom and DB, at the Bowdoin College Women’s Basketball game.  Getting out of the house and into a noisy, cheering crowd did me a world of good.  Bowdoin beat Wesleyan 61-41.  DB played  basketball in high school and college, and she explained a lot of the more complex maneuverings on the court.  Now I understand much better.  I can’t wait for the next game.

The temperature is 46℉, a welcome change from one-digit temps last week.  Rain has been spitting off and on, and I just caught a bolt of lightning through the living room window.  Hopeful we will lose a lot of built-up snow and ice.  If it doesn’t freeze tonight, most of the roads should dry up, making for safer travel for everyone.

Yesterday, I published my 1,350 post on this blog.  I’ve never stuck with anything this long.  Thank you all for encouraging me to write.  In my family, friends, health, and happiness, I am a very lucky woman.


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