Saturday Gratitude Post 01/18/2014

Hello, all.  I am very thankful for today.  I am still relatively healthy, I’m happy, I’m writing again, and almost all the people I love are okay, as far as I know.  Mom’s high-school best friend is in the hospital with congestive heart disease.  Mom saw her today, and I will try again to phone tomorrow.  If you have an extra slot in your prayers or devotions or meditations, please include her.  Her name is Rose.

I am especially grateful today for my helper, B., who comes over every week or two weeks to straighten up the apartment.  I can maintain that neatness for about 10 days, before I revert to bad old habits.  Every week is better.  Thanks so much, B.

I am grateful that I have a selection of computers in the house now — no one of them can do everything except the Mac, which is really a hurting unit.  No left shift key, no G, usually no H, B, or V, either, unless I stop typing and just hit that key until it works.  Right now, my Mail app won’t send, but I can go to my server’s website for that, and I do.  I remember to make regular peeks into this computer, because only here can I read notifications. (Thanks, S.)  The Samsung Chromebook accepts mail, but I am unable to send from the mail app.   It really is good for web searches, surfing, and it’s very quick accessing what I ask for.  My books, (actually, the beginnings thereof,) are on this site, because the Chrome OS saves everything I write on a document page to Google Drive.  Took me a while to learn to use it, but now it’s okay.  (Thanks, Mom.)

My Galaxy Tab 2 has all my different games loaded on it, as well as Nook, my Algebra materials, contacts, and important links, from which I made shortcuts to my home page.  It’s easy to handle, and I finally found the charging cord for the keyboard case,  which will come in handy, as I dislike the virtual keyboard.

We are just finishing a week of warmer weather — highs in the upper 30s and 40s.  I doubt that our temps drop as low the rest of winter as they did in November/December.  The snow melted away, but we had flurries today, so it will begin building again soon.

Finally, our newly-formed activities committee hosted a pot luck supper on Thursday. Fifteen residents attended, and the food was fantastic.  Some very good cooks in this building.  I enjoyed the evening, and I think most everyone who attended felt the same way.

Mom and I went to Five Guys Burgers and Fries on Sunday; still the best burger in any restaurant I’ve visited.  We did some errands, and we were home in time for a Sunday afternoon nap.  A lovely day.

Truly, I’m a very lucky, and very happy woman.


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