Saturday Gratitude Post — 01/25/2014

I almost let the day get by without writing this post — I’m glad I remembered.

I am grateful for so much today.  I feel reasonably healthy, which for me is a very good thing.  I  meet with the nephrology dietician on Monday for a refresher session, which will serve me well as my kidney condition becomes more complicated.

Another happy note:  Several of my neighbors have formed a house committee, and an activity group took shape as a result.  This week, we shared a potluck dinner, played Bingo, started a painting class, and also a computer group to teach and answer questions.  All of these were well attended, and people are gathering in the community room for games, company, and talk.  I feel like I live in a completely different place from a few months ago.

I went back to receiving emails for new posts on others’ blogs.  I just wasn’t getting to the Reader page often enough, and I know I was out of touch.  I’m glad to have you all back on my radar.

I finished my income tax filing this week — gone are the bad old days when I ignored the task until the last minute, and several years I needed one or even two extensions before I got serious. Tax Slayer is a lifesaver for me — so much easier than the old way.

Finally, I saw the last two Harry Potter movies tonight — I never finished the book.  Now I can go back and read it.  Book 7 follows a pattern I dislike having to read:  something happens, and one of the characters remembers something from earlier in the story — how convenient, over and over and over.  Now that I know the rest of the story, I can go back and read Deathly Hallows with less frustration and rolling of my eyes.  I enjoyed the movies, and I thought they were reasonably well done.

All in all, I am feeling like a very lucky woman today.  Life is good.


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