Living with Intention

From Abraham-Hicks:

The Universe knows all things and is responding to the vibration that you are sending. When you are sending your vibration on purpose, you are orchestrating what the Universe is aligning for you.


Excerpted from the workshop in Atlanta, GA on September 13, 1998

Many times, over the course of my life, I lived without any intention.  Not only did I not have a goal, I often lacked even a general direction.  During those times, I was like a rowboat with no oars, simply twisting and turning in the currents of life.

At other times, though, I was intent on feeling as bad as possible, though I didn’t understand or admit it at the time.  Then, I was doing my very best to paddle my boat against the current, regardless of the pointlessness of such efforts.  Truly, I still to this day cannot explain why I was so intent on being miserable.  I guess, at those times, I didn’t remember any other way to live.

I know more now about the power I bring to my own life choices, much of which knowledge I learned from Abraham-Hicks and his Law of Attraction.  The Law of Attraction tells us that the subject of our concentration, our vibration, comes to us from the Universe.  The positive side of this function says that if we concentrate on or hold an image of some good — a circumstance, a feeling, a relationship, or attributes of our personal life — we ask of the Universe more good for ourselves, and the Universe has positivity in abundance to match our vibrations.

On the other side of the equation, the negative aspect:  if we concentrate on what is wrong, or sad, or that arouses anger or other negative emotions, or if we think about how unlucky we are, or of the unfairness of life, we open ourselves to more of those negative feelings and circumstances.  The Law of Attraction works in such a way that, depending on our focus, (how we spend our time, concentration, and energy,) we are asking the Universe for those circumstances, regardless of whether they are to our benefit.  The Universe makes available to us whatever we ask for.  We may not think we want negative emotions and events, but we get whatever we give our focus, by our intentions.

This is why I keep very close track of my intentions:  I know what happens to me when I feel sorry for myself.  I got sicker and sicker, for years, by thinking how unfair life was for me.  And, in the last couple of years, I established a more hopeful, positive intention:  to live with joy and to seek the good in life, to count my blessings instead of my problems.  Even on days when I feel sad, I seek out some happy circumstance in my life, and focus my energy on that.  The Universe always responds to my vibrations — it never fails.

It works.  I don’t mean that I practice this perfect;y, but far more often than not, my focus on the positive aspects of my life lets me live my intentions, and my life, with contentment and satisfaction.


4 responses to “Living with Intention

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  2. I have been in limbo ever since Ming’s car accident so this post is very helpful to me – made me realize I have to begin again to have intentions – thank you!

      • I am beginning to now but the not knowing re Ming’s punishment (via the law) weighs heavily. Nevertheless that will be what it will be. I so love your positive attitude and I hope you know how much you inspire me/us!

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