Saturday Gratitude Post — 02/08/2014

I am grateful for all the blessings in my life:  my family, my friends, my blogger friends, my lovely apartment, (It is clean today,) my job, and my feeling of spiritual clarity.  I am thankful for the different activities our house committee has set up through the week:  this week, bingo, and another great painting class.  Thanks, Mom, for the loan/gift of painting supplies.  Today’s class was about shading, and we painted a Homer-esque boat on a rough sea — a lot of layering and shading.

In addition to these and so many other blessings, I experienced the fruit of my long examinations of the Law of Attraction by Abraham-Hicks, and the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.  I learned, during my regular nephrologist appointment, that I am fast approaching the lab numbers, specifically my creatinine, and my percentage of kidney function, (12%,) which will require me to begin hemodialysis.  I have focused very intently, for a couple of years, on not stewing about my health — especially my kidney condition.  Thanks, Sister S., for encouraging me to concentrate on living, and not worrying about what’s coming.

As a result of these aids, and so much loving support, I took the news quite calmly; no sobbing and tears, no “I’ll never survive” woes, not even any resentment.  For all the drama, one would have thought the doctor was telling me what’s for supper tonight.  I accepted her predictions calmly, and I am really not worried.  I waited for the shock to wear off, expecting my old responses.  Didn’t happen.  What a joy — a real reason for gratitude and celebration.

So I have had a great week, and I consider myself a very lucky and blessed woman.


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