Still waiting, but feeling better

I decided, a short time ago, that I am not seeing anything — after a dear friend of 40 years yelled at me.  I tried to make him see wbat I see, and he got frustrated.  I annoyed everyo e  this day, and I feel so isolated.  I came here yesterday, and I have not seen a dotor in, roughly, 28 hours.  I requested a doctor about 5 hours ago, and I still wait.  My nurse won’t even walk past my door, and only one nurse in theplace will even try to get a doctor for me.  I remember what a “crisis counselor ” told me today:  “Oh ,no.  The people here won’t resent you believing you see something.”  I just shouldn’t try so hard to convince one of them.

I am a little worried about my kidneys. I only peed twice since I got here, and the second time was four hours or so ago.  I just asked my nurse for a bandaid, and she said she would be back in 5 minutes.  I hate feelinv this, but I am still watching the clock.

I can’t sleep, again, and I don’t know what to do with myself.  This post is bumming me out, and I am going to hunt  for a more upbeat topic.  Bye for now.

Something more positive tomorrow.

Still today, a short while later.  My nurse came in response to me almost grabbing her in the stall.  Told her I’m okay for now, and it was a metamorphosis — she is suddenly  the sweet person she was yesterday.  Helps to be nice to people, I am reminded.  Goodnight to everyone.




2 responses to “Still waiting, but feeling better

  1. It is difficult to drip honey when one is not feeling well but it does attract the bees as the old saying goes. Some times just keeping a half smile in place can make me feel more positive. I’m not sure if it’s the fake it ’til you make it theory at work but it is not easy to feel completely down with a little smile in place. Take care Judith…hugs and positive vibes sent your way!!! 🙂

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