Me, at RehabHello, my readers and friends! You haven’t heard much from me in the last few weeks. At first, I took a break because I did’t know what to write, and over the last ten-or–so days I have been in the hospital, severely ill.

I had a small stroke. My speech has returned to nearly normal, although my pace is wrong, and my tongue still feels larger than the inside of my mouth.

More seriosly affected is my left arm, which remains mostly numb, although I expect to make progress in rehab, where I go tomorrow. Most notable, however, were the visions I experienced during the first day in ICU.  I believed I was among a group of pre-Islsam African scholars, treated with respect, (as though a member of the tribe,) and encouraged to participate  in the exchange of intellectual and philosophical ideas.  The stretching of my mind during this time remains, but I will need some time to sort through some stuff — eventually I will write of it.

I left the hospital this afternoon, and now reside in NewEngland Rehab Hospital.  I have to mention all the help and attention from my youngest sister, M.  She is steadfast, and she helps me prepare for the coming weeks, physically and emotionally.  Thanks, M.!  In fact, all of my family and many of my friends assist me through these tough first days, and many of them  have volunteered one of  their kidneys.  Amazing; that’s how that feels!


10 responses to “GREETINGS!

  1. It sucks that you’re sick again, but I’m glad it wasn’t worse. It sounds like you can improve, which is huge. Stick with it. You’ve always been good at bouncing back!


  2. Judith! Yikes! I wondered what was up and hoped it was just being busy writing that kept your blog silent. I am sending all of the positive healing vibes that I can muster your way. Heal and be well, my friend. I am convinced that your strong will and positivity will rally during the rehab process. Love and hugs!

  3. Thanks for letting us know about you. I am so happy to hear you have such a wonderful support system. Now, about that rehab… hard work ahead. Your progress will be measured in inches but remember, those inches add up. Give your body time to heal as you stay in the moment. All the best to you!

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