Touching Base….

Hi to everyone!

I started this post complaining about the food, but that is a lower priority now.

Here I wrote a long, bitchy paragraph about food without salt, but I erased it after talking with my  sister, M.  My safety and my health were the first reasons to think about assisted living, along with isolation,  Those are top priorities,  and I have trouble sometimes remembering them

I decided to concentrate on going home, and not into assisted living — the food here sucks, mostly, and they won’t give a tiny packet of salt, even only once a day.  Breakfast is okay, I guess, (I eliminated eggs all together.)  From there on, none!  I can’t eat much of it, and salt substitute is awful.  On the good side, raw carrots are okay.  Any suggestion would be wonderful, please.

More, but really I wanted to say, “Thank you,” for cards and comments and visits; those mean so much to me.  I’m often too tired to respond, but please remember I love you all, and each contact is so pleasant, I smile for the rest of the day.  Thanks so much!

Please, continue your kind patience with me.  I hope to be feeling better soon, and I am working hard to do that.  My love and greetings to all of you, with hugs for all.


12 responses to “Touching Base….

  1. Hi friend you stopped writing too. I hope you are doing well its been a while I too was lost in translation and had stopped writing my thoughts on my website. Your always in my thoughts and prayers I hope to hear from you soon again. Love you.

    • Hello, Meredith. First,thanks so much for joining my reader family. I hope to hear from you occasionally as your first wish for me is exactly my topic of conversation this morning with my sister: believing an amazing life is possible. Please find my Friends page on the site, and perhaps leave a little information about yourself. Again, welcome!

    • Thank you so much for your kind and wise advice. You honed in on one of my biggest and most pervasive bad habits. I am trying hard to stop this, as I believe that every detrimental word is a piece of the heavy burden I am trying to shed.

  2. Tastebuds can adjust to low sodium over time. A squeeze of lemon helps on many things. I use ground celery seed and lots of herbs in my cooking but they might not help too much added to institutionally prepared food at “the table.”

  3. When my Grandpa moved into Assisted Living, he charmed one of the nurses into smuggling him salt! (Naughty man.) Hang in there, Sister!

    • My mother suggested the same solution, but I talked to the nutritionist, and now she sends me a salt packet once a day. I never knew that talking about something works better than pouting and sulking. A new lesson every day!

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