Saturday Gratitude Post 6/7/2014

Welcome to my Saturday Gratitude Post.  Before I begin, I enjoy writing this post almost every week; may I suggest that some of you might enjoy writing a gratitude post weekly.  No rules, no themes.  Simply a post about your life and the blessings you experienced the previous week.

I am grateful for so many blessings, big and small, that touched me this week.  I am feeling very healthy, losing a little weight and, surprisingly, I’m not having difficulty sticking to the renal diet.  As a result, my blood sugars are far better, and I look relatively shapely right now.  I am so grateful that I am fighting myself all the time when I am caring for my body and my health.

Our weather is glorious — bright blue sky in the morning and early afternoon, then clouds and rain in the middle of the day, and finally back to clear skies for the latter part of the day.  Each day like this is a gift, and I spend a lot of time outdoors.  What a treat after such a long winter!

Someone is mowing grass outside, that lovely smell of cut grass blowing into my living room — a smell that, for me, embodies all the glories of summer.

Mom is much more contented, and enjoying an overall sense of good health, though her knees still bother her if she sits too long in the wrong chair.  The rest of the family is doing well; J., my next younger sister, lives with her family just north of San Diego.  The fire doesn’t usually reach their block, but they are close enough to unsettle nerves.  Nevertheless, J. is home with her husband M. and their daughter M., who just finished a successful year in college, and who will be dancing at SeaWorld this summer.

The rest of my family are happy, busy, and enjoying Spring.  My older sister can finally get into the pool, and that must feel like a little slice of heaven.  My brother’s son and daughter  serving  in their respective stations.  S. is at sea, and I wish I was there, too.  I love being on the ocean.  C2. is thriving down in Maryland —  she will be a wonderful doctor/nurse/medic or anything else she pursues. My brother’s oldest daughter is closer to home, trying and outgrowing ever retail job she’s had.  I know that she will decide where she belongs soon — C1 is a strong young woman.  Finally, my sister DB’s younger daughter, left high school after four remarkably interesting years, after several successful theater performances in which she shone.

I start back to work this Wednesday, and I can hardly wait.  Funny how four little hours a week are so important — I look forward to seeing my fellow workers, and all the customers I see at the register.  I am at least strong enough for one day, and that is all I am working this week.  I hope to work two days next week.

Life is good.  D. and I took a big swipe out of the living room last week, disassembling my altar and giving away anything I no longer use.  We cleared off the dining room table and put all of my pump supplies in a big drawer in the kitchen, which I should have done at the very beginning.  What a difference a clean table makes.

My life is so full of joyful goals.  D. and I know the balance we each need for the cruise.  I am not really very close, actually, but I have four more months, which will mean at least $400 in savings.  I saw a program about Belize today, and the teal and aqua water just called to me.  I am practicing patience!

This is only a small section of my Gratitudes list.  I am a very lucky woman indeed.


Gratitudes — Saturday, 10/12/13

Gratitude Saturday Challenge Badge (with thanks to Eldy) at Loving Life: A Green Journey)

Gratitude Saturday Challenge Badge
(with thanks to Eldy at
Loving Life: A Green Journey)

Saturday sneaks up so quickly each week that it always catches me by surprise.  Here we are again, and my gratitude list is full of love and happy thoughts today.

I am grateful to be alive, to be relatively healthy and very happy.  I am grateful for Mom’s ongoing recovery from total knee replacement, and so pleased that I can spend this long amount of time with her.  Along with the challenges of healing, Mom is BORED, a condition not easily dealt with, for someone who normally works full-time.  She exercises as much as she can stand, and she has Physical Therapy twice a week.  We are doing very well, and the kitties, (full-grown tomcats, actually, named Theo and Barney,) remember that they love me and keep me company much of the time when Mom is napping or resting.  I curb my slobbishness as much as possible, downstairs, but today I need to clean upstairs, as she got to the second floor with no problems yesterday.  As much as we can, given the circumstances, we are enjoying our time together.

I say I am relatively healthy, because while I am walking around the house, quite a bit, I am not accomplishing any kind of endurance training or practice.  We just got back from the supermarket, and Mom walked further than I did!  I gained back all of the weight I’d lost, (not really lost, obviously, but misplaced for a while.)  I have a job ahead of me to catch back up.  But I will do it.

i am very thankful for our continuing beautiful autumn days — one rainy day since September 25, and the rest are breathtaking, even looking out the window at my mom’s neighbor’s house.  We see bluejays, cardinals,  all kinds of sparrows, and a fat fluffy squirrel who has the run of the lawn — when he can avoid Barney and Theo.  I don’t think they want to kill him, just chase him around, but he won’t consider it.  He likes to climb a very tall telephone pole outside the neighbor’s door, and he will sit up there and observe his domain for long stretches of time.  He was on the lawn looking for acorns — surrounded by oak trees, but none close enough to drop into the grass.  He stops and thinks every once in awhile,  and I think he knows he’s in the wrong place; still no acorns.

I am proud of myself today — it’s my second blogging anniversary.  Thank you, all of you, for sticking with me and supporting me and teaching me this whole time.  I could make a list, but I don’t want to leave anyone out.  Besides, you have all impacted me and my attitude almost every day, and I am very grateful.  I am a very lucky woman!

Saturday Gratitudes — 10/5/2013

Gratitude Saturday Challenge Badge (with thanks to Eldy at Loving Life: A Green Journey)

Gratitude Saturday Challenge Badge
(with thanks to Eldy at
Loving Life: A Green Journey)

Saturday, and the weather can’t make up its mind.  As I sit before Mom’s kitchen window, I watch the sky turn from overcast to cloudless blue to overcast once again.  By afternoon, the clouds usually clear out, but since we are not going out today, what the weather affects is our moods.  Ah, well, nothing new to anyone, I’m sure.

I have a long list of gratitudes today, and the one at the top is Mom’s continuing recovery from Total Knee Replacement surgery.  Her incision looks great, no infection or other problems; the swelling in her leg is starting to relent a little; she is bored out of her skull, and she’s considering calling the doc and telling him she’s going back to work half-days.  We are getting along very well, laughing our butts off,  Marveling the same way about the stupidity of politics, and generally enjoying each other’s company.  I believe we achieve this harmony because we both know I’m not here forever.  Makes me very happy.

I am still awaiting the results of my lab from the nephrologist — I grow impatient.  I will look for a ride home today to check my mailbox.  At this point, while I am not worried, (as I feel fine and my nephrologist was happy,) I want to know where my numbers are in relation to feeling this good.  I have a feeling that, even if they have risen, my belief that kidney disease will not be a problem is working.  I am thankful for the overall state of my physical self.

My mental and emotional and spiritual selves are also right in line.  I can’t say too many times how good that feels after my past experiences. Mom and I are on close-to-the-same page on spirituality, and we encourage each other to keep our souls well-fed and happy.

I am in kitty-heaven!  Mom’s two big orange males, Barney and Theo, are lovers to the max, and will strop my legs, even if they don’t always sit in my lap.  They love me for my fingernails;  I always knew I linked up easily with cats, and I am so very grateful to have this time with them.

I estimate Mom’s house to be at least six times bigger than my apartment — I am walking around a lot, and climbing stairs up and down at least a  couple of times a day.  I need to walk in a straight line, but Mom lives halfway down a steep hill, and I am not there, stamina-wise, yet.

I am proud of our president, and those Members of Congress who refuse to cave-in to the Tea-Party Hostage-takers.  Let the extremists — and that’s what fanatic kidnappers are — spout all they want about no one talking to them.  President Obama, and anyone who can think, realizes that this is an attempt to get around a voted, signed, and vetted law by pushing other important legislation off the rails.  The next Tea Party member who postulates about Muslim terrorists needs to look very hard at himself and the people with whom he/she associates — their terrorism is economic in nature, but no less manipulative and loathsome.

Finally, my family, their families, and my friends online and off-, I hope you are well and healthy and enjoying the spring/autumn season.  I am very grateful for each and every one of you.  You each give me strength.  I am a very lucky woman.

P.S. I just learned that my tablet email is malfunctioning, so if I owe you an email, please bear with me.  I am starting to despise the whole Android system!

Saturday Gratitude List 08/31/2013

Today is the last day of August.  Already.  This summer flew by right in front of me.  Fortunately, I spent most of the days of summer living in the moment, and really loving life.  For that, I will always be grateful.  Other summers passed, just as quickly; the difference this summer is my ability to live now, to stop worrying about yesterday, and not worrying about tomorrow.  This feeling is new, but I think I have looked for it all my life.  Now I know why.

I’m thankful, as well, for the continuing improvement of my will, and my determination to live in peace and joy.  I wanted for years to live in peace, but I never determined that I would, regardless of any cost.  Turns out, I pay almost no cost for this much better way of life.

I continue daily to exercise and to believe in the power of positivity.  My marble-incentive program goes well — this week, my friend Darreby bought me a beautiful summer dress, with dragonflies for decoration.  I love it!  Thanks, Darreby, and thank you for all your encouragement — I love you, my dreamy buddy.  I just used the last few marbles in my bowl for yesterday’s successes.  Time for another reward.  I think I may go to Five Islands Lobster Company, for one more oceanside dinner before the summer ends.  I am definitely now going for sweets, though — I am much stronger and in less pain than I have ever been, but I am not losing inches around the middle, and that is the one part of me that really needs attention.  More walking should do the trick.

I am thankful for my job, and for the people for whom, and with whom, I work.  I went to work yesterday morning — just another day.  After fifteen minutes at the register, I noticed that I was smiling without thinking about it.  Smiles on my face have been few and far between in years gone by — suddenly, I am in a peaceful, happy mood which shows in my expression, and in most of my daily activities.  What a nice way to feel!

I am grateful for my family, my friends, my bloggy friends, for living in a community with so little crime and unrest.  I can not remember clearly, after almost a year, the miserable life I led before.  (And I don’t mean miserable all the time — I wasn’t, but also, I was not monitoring my diabetes, not taking my medications carefully, not living in the moment.)  I could remember every awful occurence, but I am losing any interest in those events, and that time.  Now is a very good time for me, and I am living it well.  For that, I am especially grateful.  I am a very lucky woman.

Gratitude list — Saturday, August 24, 2013

I am so thankful today.

With many thanks to Eldy

With many thanks to Eldy

We had another perfect Maine summer day — great temps, lower humidity, light breeze.  Mom and I got together this morning and threshed beans my sister DB grew in her garden — doors and windows open, and kitties around us, asking me to scratch their ears and give them treats.  We were all deliciously relaxed and comfortable — Mom made a special treat:  my Nana Gray’s blueberry cake.  I ate some, and every bite was a little piece of food heaven.

We talked about her Google Chromebook, and I started this post on it.  My Mac laptop is feeling a little worn — the h, g, and v buttons either don’t work, or need to be leaned on.  The left shift button stopped working  almost 2 years ago, and now when I type on any other keyboard, I forget to use the left shift, and do it all with my right hand.  Still, I am using the laptop right now, and for straight typing, not requiring speed beyond my typing speed, this computer still works.  So I have plenty of time to save for another laptop, after I get done saving for the cruise.

My exercise program is still progressing well, and I am glad stairs are a part of my regimen, because today our power went out when somebody hit a light pole on the highway through town.  A few of the residents were stuck on the second and third floors, and I was happy to be mobile through it all.  I managed to pedal 45 minutes without the benefit of TV to distract me.  Instead, I read a good book and while the time didn’t seem to go as quickly, before I knew it, 45 minutes were over.  I climbed the stairs both ways, down and up, and got to most of my other tasks.  One of the ones I missed was no added sugar, what with the blueberry cake, but I don’t care at all.  The cake was worth sacrificing a few marbles.

For all of this, I am grateful, and for things like walking up a flight of stairs with a lot less pain, and down the stairs with no pain at all.  I am grateful that my sister DB’s garden is as prolific this year as it has been in the past.  I thank the Universe for helping my sister DC and her husband to get her oldest girl to college with minimum difficulty, and thankful that my oldest niece has a healthy new daughter — a lovely sister to grow up with her older brother.  I hope that everyone in their sphere is well and happy.  She is precious!  Who’d ever have thought I would live to be a great-aunt?  Very cool!

In fact, I am happy and relatively healthy myself, and for that I am gratified beyond measure.  I know I say this every week, and I don’t want to sound pat, but really, I am a very lucky woman.

Gratitude List — Saturday 8/17/2013

It’s after 9 on Saturday night, and I am only just sitting down to write this.  I am doing well, but I am feeling a little burned out, and I am grateful that I love myself, finally, enough to do what I need to do.  My exercise program is going very well — I still have to stop and rest once on the way up the stairs, but down the stairs and outside to the front patio is only mildly uncomfortable — what a blessing that is.

My family is well and happy — my new great-niece is gorgeous, and my niece, her mom, looks prettier than ever — having  babies is great for her spirit, I think.  Mom and I had a lovely lunch, at which we ate breakfast, and then we walked around Target.  I did not drive around in a scooter, either.  I was exhausted by the time we were checked out, but that’s okay, because I came home and had a short nap, and felt much better.  The Marble-Incentive program is working, and I feel grateful for that.

I will be out of touch for a few days, just long enough to refresh my mind.  Thanks for your patience with me, and I’ll see you soon.