Forgiving myself, again

How unhappy is he who cannot forgive himself.

–Publilius Syrus

I thought about self-forgiveness today, on my way home from the nephrologist.  In my life, self-forgiveness has come in stages.  I remembered this today, when I visited the doctor.  She was full of good news — the result of this month’s lab tests was excellent, and all my numbers were within limits, although some were on the ragged edge of high or low. Continue reading


The Best Laid Plans…

In an effort to get back to the basics of my philosophy of life, I am re-using a quote from Abraham-Hicks about planning:

Not everything has to turn out exactly the way you planned in order for you to call it a success. — Abraham-Hicks  

I use this quote as a tag for the end of emails I send out — I love that other people see it, but mostly, it is there for me to review every day. Continue reading

Be Involved in Our Own Lives

The Daily Affirmation for July 8, 2013, from Abraham-Hicks:

You, on the leading edge of thought, are here enormously, creatively involved. There’s something so satisfying about asking and deliberately aligning your Energy and deliberately finding the familiar feeling of that, and then seeing it manifest.

 — Abraham

 Excerpted from the workshop in Syracuse, NY on October 13, 1998 Continue reading