Sy-Fy Channel Disaster Movies

I just flipped by the Sy-Fy Channel, and came upon a disaster movie — just what I am always looking for on that channel.  This one is Space Twister; next is Seattle Superstormand then Swamp Volcano.  If you enjoy these B movies as much as I do, set your DVR. Continue reading


B movies

I have a confession.  I really enjoy B movies.  I love when the Sci-Fi channel has a disaster day — they play their made-for-TV disaster movies, like Atomic Tornado, and Snowy Apocalypse, and I have a blast!  I like slightly better than mediocre science fiction as a whole, although I also enjoy really good Sci-fi.  One example:  I really enjoyed Starship Troopers, an okay adaptation of Heinlein’s book, but no actors that anyone would know, most likely.

As I sit here next to my VHS collection, I can spot dozens of movies that my more exclusive family and friends would never touch.  I have almost every Jackie Chan movie ever made, and my favorites are the very early ones.  Dante’s Peak is another; I can’t count the number of times I’ve watched that movie, and I love it just as much every time.  Kind of corny, but it all works out in the end, which is the best part of B movies, as far as I am concerned.

I really enjoy Ah-nold, in Total Recall, and Running Man.  I thought Wayne’s World was funny, and I adore Porky’s.  This would probably be a good place to stop, but no, not me!  I loved all the Babylon 5 series, though most of my family thought I was pretty mental for a while — I’d drop everything to watch it.  I like to watch Deep Impact, which came out at the same time as Armageddon, but really was an also-ran.  I love anything with Michael Biehn in it — one of my favorites of his is Navy Seals with Charlie Sheen.

I could probably  go on confessing for paragraphs more, but Category Seven: The End of The World is coming on Sci-Fi, and I love it, don’t want to miss it.  So now you all know something about me that really only my family knew, till now.  I love this blog!!  I can say all of this stuff, without any fear or shame.  This is just me.