Touching Base….

Hi to everyone!

I started this post complaining about the food, but that is a lower priority now.

Here I wrote a long, bitchy paragraph about food without salt, but I erased it after talking with my  sister, M.  My safety and my health were the first reasons to think about assisted living, along with isolation,  Those are top priorities,  and I have trouble sometimes remembering them

I decided to concentrate on going home, and not into assisted living — the food here sucks, mostly, and they won’t give a tiny packet of salt, even only once a day.  Breakfast is okay, I guess, (I eliminated eggs all together.)  From there on, none!  I can’t eat much of it, and salt substitute is awful.  On the good side, raw carrots are okay.  Any suggestion would be wonderful, please.

More, but really I wanted to say, “Thank you,” for cards and comments and visits; those mean so much to me.  I’m often too tired to respond, but please remember I love you all, and each contact is so pleasant, I smile for the rest of the day.  Thanks so much!

Please, continue your kind patience with me.  I hope to be feeling better soon, and I am working hard to do that.  My love and greetings to all of you, with hugs for all.


Share Your World: Weeks 14 and 15 combined

Today’s Share Your World challenge, from Cee, is a little different.


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Last week I learned…

Last week, I learned….

  • That my caregivers at the Diabetic Center are not people to be afraid of; at least not the two I saw last week.
  • That a lot of blogging, including challenges, is still available to me; I was losing sight of the whole picture, swimming in detail.
  • That I’m quite accustomed to talking with sister S, and I miss her when she has company.  On the other hand, I am happy she has her daughter’s family living in her house.
  • That I need to keep my nails short.
  • That reading non-fiction, even a book I really enjoy reading, puts me right to sleep.
  • That watching movies a long time after the first time often brings new insights, missed at first viewing.
  • That I enjoy writing lightheartedly, and I intend to keep that practice going.

All-in-all, a very effective, comfortable week.  Nice to have those every once in a while!

To the inhabitants of my Blogosphere…

My neighbors and friends, I truly benefited from taking yesterday off, and I am going to fold back my writing once again.  For now, I have decided to give all of the challenges a pass.  I have also had to cut most of your blogs to Weekly Updates.  I do this not because I want to, but because I have to.  I am spending far too many hours sitting here at the computer.  My laptop is old, and it has to stay plugged into my cable modem, and it has very short battery life.  I am stuck right here for now.

I hope you all understand that I need to have some other activities in my life — I have obsessed on this blog since the beginning.  That was even near okay, in the winter, but for the summer, I hope to have a life.  I am once again focusing some of my energy on having a date — just one date! — this summer.  I hope being open to other activities may help with that as well.

I love you guys, and I love reading your blogs.  But I’ve told you before how terribly black and white my personality is.  I’m trying to gray that up a little.  I hope it will make me a better writer.  I’ll certainly be a more well-rested one.

Share Your World — a day early for Easter

Hello, and welcome to a special edition of Share Your World, from Cee.  This is a weekly challenge to help us get to know each other better — answer 4 questions about ourselves.  If you’d like to participate, go to Cee’s Life Photography Blog, and hit follow, to receive the questions every week.  This week, the questions are:

  1. Do you play video/computer game?  Which one(s) or moat recent?  I don’t play video games, but I play computer games, and my most recent and favorite is Scrabble Blast.  Get through the commercial, and have fun!
  2. When writing by hand do you prefer to use a pencil or pen?  When writing by hand, I prefer a computer.  My handwriting is not very pretty.
  3. What has surprised me about blogging?  Well, Cee, I don’t know what surprised you, but I was surprised by blogging not including writing rules like never say you — always say I or we…  I was so worried about that at first — take a look at my first couple of posts to see examples.
  4. If you had a shelf for your three most special possessions (not including people or animals), what would you put on it? 
  •  I have a solid bronze, handmade model of Venus de Milo, which my parents bought when we were in Turkey.  She’s about a foot tall, on a block of stone with paper glued on to make it look like marble, and a label in English on the bottom.  (She is very hard to see, but I’m new to all this photo stuff, and this was from my cell.
  • A painting done by sister S., when she was in art school, of an angel

    My sister's angel watches over me

    with beautiful red hair, who sits over my living room window, and watches over me.

  • My Four Agreements Cards, which have helped me to change my life.

    My deck of Four Agreements cards, by Don Miguel Ruiz, which has been so instrumental in inspiring me to change my life from sadness to happiness.

Six-Word Saturday

Another Saturday tradition —

Six-Word Saturday

Six-Word Saturday, which comes to us all by way of


This task is a simple one, though not always easy.  I’m to write six words about my life. The right six words are important, though.  So, here we go:

Stop typing and eat your lunch!