Gratitudes — Saturday, 06/29/2013

I have many things for which to be grateful today.  At the very top of my list today is my enormous gratitude for the grace and calm I have found in the last couple of years.  I got a good look at that this week,

in 2009, I experienced a full-on battle with my Morgellons syndrome.  This is skin, and some outrageous itching, with only little pairs of dots on my skin showing.  I felt like I had a swarm of bugs under my skin, and I dug my left arm badly. I freaked out — came close to being full-on suicidal, because none of my doctors believed me. Continue reading



I’ve one condition, by admission,

Hard to deal with, to get real with.

Required planning, rules are spanning

Every hour.  I’ve little power

To control, no, to cajole

My own compliance.  My defiance

Deeply rooted, hardly suited

To my good.  I wish I could

Feel this was easy, this disease I’ll

Not get out of — I’ve no doubt I

Could mistreat this diabetes.

But, instead, to get ahead

I will comply, stop wond’ring why.